Feng Shui tips for business and office

feng-shui-wealth-job-work.jpgFeng Shui tips for business and office that is your second home, because you stay there about 9hours a day! You want to make this place pleasant to be in, and Feng Shui can help your plans come true. Do you think office and your house should differ in d?cor? Right, office should have more active energy, then in your house. The atmosphere should be positive at your office to give you perfect conditions for work. While at home, the atmosphere should be restful. See the tips for your office:

1. Sit with a solid wall behind your back. Wall will be like a support in your life. Usually peopfeng-shui-work-job-wealth.jpgle feel uncomfortable, sitting with the door or a window behind, because there is always a feeling that somebody can watch what you are doing. It is like constant control. Not good when you want to concentrate on work.

2. Place the telephone, fax, and computers in the Southeast– the wealth area. These actions will increase the amount of calls and deals, as a result increasing your wealth in Business.

3. feng-shui-gold-dragon-wealth.jpgSharp plants give bad chi, so it is not advised to have any cactus in your office.

4.Do you want to be the leader in the field you are working? Place a Dragon on the right hand side of your table. A Dragon always chases after a pearl, so the window or the water fountain will symbolise the pearl.The Dragon should face towards the door or the window. It will also bring leadership if it looks into your water fountain. 5) If you own a shop try and place the till in your wealth corner, even your petty cash tin.Order books can also be placed here with Chinese coins held together with red ribbon.

5. The main door should open into your table. It can cause problems. So replace your table to welcome luck to your feng-shui-vase.jpgbusiness life.

6. Empty vase is not good for your office. Don’t place it near main door. Or place it with flowers or a plant with leaves growing up.

7. Specialists say: “Do not place a paper cutter machine next to the main door.” If the machine is located next to the main door it will cause staff to back stab each other and fight too if one is not careful.

8.Two doors in the office will bring different opinions. These opinions can cause quarrels, because the team will not agree to the opposite opinion.

9. Clutter is the main enemy in Feng Shui. Keep the tables clean and out of clutter.feng-shui-3-legged-toad-god.jpg

10. Three legged Toad God is used for wealth and abundance. Place it near the front office entrance, facing into your office. The toad god will bring money to your office. You can also place it in the wealth sector (Southeast) of your office. The coin should always be in its mouth.

11. Fu Dogs Male & Female. They protect from evil influences. Place Fu Dogs near the doorway of your office. They symbolize of valor and prosperity.

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