Feng shui supports Obama over McCain

Feng shui expert says Chinese zodiac signs say a lot about the type of president each would make.

Energy is a top concern in this year’s presidential election, but the personal energy of the candidates could ultimately affect the future of America.

“We’ve seen that the personalities of the president and vice-president and their respective personal energies has really shaped the past eight years,” said feng shui expert Kathryn Weber. “The question for voters now becomes whose personal feng shui energy is best for the country in the next election – Obama’s or McCain’s?”

In the Chinese zodiac, McCain is a rat and Obama is an ox. “2008 is a rat year, but next year is Year of the Ox and that favors Obama,” says Weber. According to Weber the rat is a sign ruled by water and that makes McCain’s personality one that conflicts with the energy of the coming year and explains much of his actions. “Looking at McCain during the debates, you could tell his emotions fluctuated and, like water, were more fluid.”

Rats are considered positive, charismatic, hardworking and industrious and their negative qualities are over-ambition, ruthlessness, intolerant and scheming. If McCain came into office, it’s possible that his emotions would get the better of him, as he’s often known for a hot temper and quick reactions.

Watching Obama in the debates showed his Ox qualities of being unflappable and steady,” Weber explains. An ox is associated with the earth element and is known for being dependable, calm, methodical, and resolute and their negative qualities make them stubborn, materialistic, rigid and demanding.

According to Weber, McCain’s rat energy would keep him from being effective in the Oval Office because the 2009 energy is earth and earth dams water. “It would be a “dammed” presidency from the start,” she quips. Even so, rats are industrious and opportunity-driven and have great qualities for business, but with next year’s energy, the rat energy isn’t harmonious because water added to earth makes mud.

Obama, on the other hand, has earth qualities that will create a harmonious start with the earth energy of next year, and Weber explains, that next year has a double earth energy making the steady approach of the next president important in order to settle down the “rollercoaster we’ve been on” and take care of important things like America’s standing in the world and investing in American infrastructure. “You could look at it as McCain’s Year of the Rat is almost over, but Obama’s Year of the Ox is the future. Speaking purely to the feng shui of time and energy, feng shui supports Obama over McCain.”

About Kathryn Weber
Kathryn Weber has been featured in Seventeen Magazine, Conceive Magazine, First for Women, the New York Times, and on websites around the world. She is a certified feng shui consultant in traditional Chinese feng shui and was trained in Asia. She is the “feng shui for prosperity expert” and has published the Red Lotus Letter weekly feng shui ezine for over six years.


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