Feng Shui Home Infographics by SoothingWalls

When it comes to achieving harmony, success and passion into your life, incorporating Feng Shui Home design can be a very powerful way of making a positive change. By analyzing and modifying the flow of energy in your home or office environment, this 4,000-year old art and science can bring about the desired changes in one’s life. Based on the premise that every piece of furniture, choice of color and accessory in your living space has a great influence on our lives, the art of Feng Shui strategically places these things so that the energy, or “Qi,” has a positive flow, which can help to promote happiness, prosperity and good health.

There are several objects that have long been recognized to improve the positive flow of energy within your home or place of work. In fact, you may already have many of these things– it’s just a matter of where and how you place them throughout your environment. Some of the most popular objects that can be commonly found in a Feng Shui design include bamboo, water walls and crystal coins.

If you are looking to experience a more fulfilling and positive lifestyle, consider incorporating Feng Shui into your home’s interior (as well as exterior) and your workplace. Take a look at this inforgraphic, provided by SoothingWalls.com , for a helpful guide to get you started with the basic principles of Feng Shui design.

Full image is here.

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