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Why do you like pets? Do you have a dog, a cat, a bird, a fish or may be a crocodile?Pets are great friends and they are perfect to activate energy. They are members of our family and you should take care of them. Good Feng shui is when everything is clean and in order. Here are basic rules to follow when you have a pet. Animals are an amazing for any home and family.

Cats are the pets that represent yin energy. If you have a house that is full of energy and yang energy, then you can balance energies by having a cat. Dogs are yang animals. They are active and they can make yin house lively and full of energy. All pets enhance your life and activate your success. (Yin and Yang Balance)

Did you ever think why your pet sleeps, lays, or sits in a certain part of your house? Cats by nature seek to the most negative parts of a home, and dogs by nature are “avoiders”, meaning they are attracted to the most positive parts in your house.

What does it mean Negative Area? It might be:feng shui cat.jpg

  • electrical devices
  • microwaves (cats often stay on kitchens for this reason)
  • the place where the person is sick or ill
  • hidden electrical wires

The effects from living or sleeping in negative areas can include:

  • Depression
  • Cancer
  • Allergies
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue

It is said that cats can detect negative areas biologically. They absorb the negative energy to help people avoid from its negative effect. Dogs don’t absorb negative energy. In a sense, they recycle it. The negative energy is absorbed through them, transformed, and then sent out as positive. Cats on the other hand, hold the negative energy and end up having to clean themselves often.

Don’t do so:

  • The worst case is when pets are not cared properly. If the fish tank isn’t clean, the fish won’t feel good, therefore the corner where the tank is located will suffer from bad chi energy. Don’t expect luck and success if water is dirty. Dirty water also means problems with health. So if youfeng shui dog.jpg don’t see fish in the tank, it means that you want see health and wealth in your life. Be nice with them)
  • What do you feel when a dog barks on you? It scares people! Your friends will enter your house with fear, and this is for sure bad Feng shui. If you have such dog, then it’s better to secure the pet, so that it wont bark, when people come to you. The dog in this case rules the house, because doesn’t let people to come in. The pet comes before the owner of the house. Authority should be re-established, so that new people and energy will be invited.
  • Feng shui tells us to have everything balanced. For example, the woman had photos of her dog all over her house. The problem that she faced was loneliness. She couldn’t find partner. Woman even had the picture of the dog near her bed. The cure is – take the pictures in a different room, and chose only several of them to stay on the walls.Pets should not be between people.


  • Make space of your pets clean and tidy. If you are not sure that you will have time to take care of your future pet, then it’s better to stay as you are.
  • The pets should not scare visitors, or else it will scare visitors and energy.
  • feng shui cats.jpgNotice where your pets like to rest. Don’t sleep where you cats like to rest. Therefore don’t move furniture such as beds or sofas into these spots as it will have an adverse effect on your health if you spend too much time in that area.While dogs can give you an idea of good place to sleep and rest. You will find that such an area will become one of their favorite places to settle.

Pets Living:

  • Cats belong to the element wood, so the colors for their bedding should be blue, black or green. Red is a bad choice for cat’s bedding.
  • Dogs belong to the element earth. White baskets make them ill. Choose brown or yellow baskets for them.

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  1. Great!
    I agree with you 100%
    Keep it up man


  2. I find your blog boring,I don’t think you are telling the truth.

  3. In feng shui where is the best place for a cat litter box? I live in a small studio apartment (I clean the box daily) but really need help with where to put it! I thought possibly in the bathroom but I read it is bad feng shui to keep the bathroom door open (the cat would need it open). PLEASE HELP THANK YOU!

  4. That’s right – dont place the box in the bathroom.
    I dont know your room, but you can place it where it is convenient, moreover you clean it daily, so there should be no problems:)

  5. You have to clean the cage once a week and hold it every day. You also have to let it run around a little bit or it will get all depressed and sleep all the time, bite, and avoid human touch. I have a pen. I also use a bird harness to walk it around the house.(size small, almost as tight as it gets)

  6. I’m Buddhist and my mum believes in Feng Shui. I desperately want a dog and I can’t convince my mum to get me one. How should I convince her to get me one?

  7. Dogs is an active energy and that’s very good. I don’t know why she thinks that Dogs are bad according to Feng Shui, but animals and nature at home only benefits your living.

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