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The feng shui entrance to your home is considered the mouth of your dwellings, thus making it one of the most important factors for actively drawing in positive energy. The amount of healthy living energy you can bring in the front door makes a huge difference in the overall Feng shui of your space. If you enter through an alternate door such as a laundry room, garage, or side door, you must evaluate and beautify it with the same verve as you would the formal entrance.


Your front entrance creates a first impression for you, for others, and for unlimited opportunities to come your way. Every time you drive up, your house either emanates an aura of success, abundance, and pride, or a feeling of disarray, laziness, and misfortune. When you are on a vacation and drive up to a hotel entrance, what immediately goes through your mind? You look at the maintenance of the building, landscaping, cars in the parking lot, and other indicators. You make dozens of evaluations instantaneously. When the hotel driveway welcomes you with beautiful trees, colorful flowers, a grand water fountain, and a smiling doorman, you are content before you have even stepped into the lobby.

In the same way, your home must welcome you, your guests, and all of your opportunities with loving, open arms. Before these “opportunities” ring the doorbell, your goal is to flood them with beauty, happiness and comfort. While they wait for you to answer the door, give them multiple reasons to generate positive thoughts about you. Create a home that shimmers and stands out from the rest.

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Step outside your door. What do you see? Does the outside of your home emanate beauty? Notice the upkeep of the paint, roof, and landscaping. A home that is clean and well cares for leaves a lasting impression. The trees, shrubs, and flowers should be thriving and well trimmed. The path leading up to the home must be easily accessible. Clear away bicycles, trash, garbage bines, dead plants, newspapers, water bottles, and broken sprinklers.

Turn around to survey your street, neighbors, and community. Healthy energy must surround you. If freeway traffic is bombarding your ears or large oppressive buildings are looming above you, you must deflect their disturbing energy away from your home. Don’t allow unfinished projects in the yard to deplete you. Complete them so you can arrive home to comfort and ease. For just a moment, step outside yourself and judge your home. What kind of person would you say lives here?


feng shui inviting blue-door.jpgIn Feng shui, you must regulate the type and speed of energy entering your home. You only want to invite nourishing energy inside. If your house has power, then everything within it has power. Fifty percent of good Feng shui relies on the amount of positive energy flowing into your home through doors and windows, while the other fifty percent is generated by the proper arrangement and specific energizers you supply within the environment.

Outside the front door are various types of energy you need to assess. Certain kinds you want to encourage, and others you want to diffuse. Healthy energy should move easily, gently, and continuously into the home; harmful energy should be repelled, reflected and minimized. Feng shui offers potent solutions to protect your home in order to avoid misfortune, health problems, and missed opportunities.

Spend some time standing at the front door area of the home. How does the home feel when it if first entered? That feeling is conveyed to others when they enter. If you can see the back door from the entrance, the energy is running through the building too quickly.


fengs shui entrance light.jpgIt is important for Chi to flow through your house from the front to the back without any obstructions. It is best when chi flows through a meandering path into your house and not in a straight line. The chi will flow through the entrance way on the street or from the garden into your front door. And this path will determine the quality of the Chi that flows into your house. It is important the Chi flows in a smoothly curved manner, therefore curved pathways or garden beds will help. You can relay pavers to have curved lines to allow the Chi to meander. A birdbath or a small pond in the garden will enhance the quality of Chi.

The main entranceway of your house should also be of the right size. If the doorway is too big then Chi will easily escape from the house. The problem can be remedied by placing a wind chime outside the door. This will prevent Sha or negative energy from entering your house. If the doorway of your house is too small it will not allow Chi to enter the house. If the back door is visible from the front door, then Chi will enter through the front door and flow straight out of the back door without circulating inside the house. Place a tall potted plant or a screen between the two doors to prevent the Chi from flowing in a straight line. Doing this will deflect Chi and allow it to circulate within the house.

The entrance hall is important in Feng Shui. It is the place where a person might linger when one enters the house or before leaving the house. One gets energy from the Chi that is flowing through the space. If the entrance hall has no doors or windows and is enclosed then it can lead to stagnant Chi. A mirror, a small fountain or a ceiling fan can solve this problem.

When a staircase is facing the main door directly, the feng shui energy rushes up quickly to either the lower, or the higher floor, thus leaving the main floor without feng shui energy nourishment. This is a very general feng shui statement as there are different variations of a staircase facing the main door, thus creating different feng shui set-ups. The feng shui case of a big foyer with many architectural features and the staircase far from the main door will be very different from a feng shui case of a small foyer with stairs closely facing the main door. When the foyer is small, though, and the staircase is facing the main door directly, the energy takes a rushed and fragmented quality, being forced to quickly rush up or down the stairs.

The feng shui cures for a staircase facing the main door are focused on creating a feng shui set-up at the main door that will slow down the energy, focus it, and then guide it to all areas of the main floor. This can be achieved with strategically placed art, strong colors, a big plant or a vase of flowers, specific pieces of furniture or mirrors (please note that the mirror should never face the entrance directly, as this pushes the energy away from your home instead of drawing it in.)

The feng shui cures will be specific for each space, and if your floor plan has staircases too close to the main door, it is always wise to seek the advice of a professional feng shui consultant who will chart the flow of energy and give you helpful recommendations to improve the flow of Chi.

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  1. Sonia,

    If the back door is not a traight angle to the entrance, then it’s ok.
    Plants are always good!Just be sure that they are with soft leaves. here is the detailed post about plants:


    In your case, try to have the bathroom door closed as much as possible.


    If you use garage doors more often, then you need to add plants or other home decoration to focus on your functional front door.
    You should feel that energy is freely entering the house through the garage door. If decoration is not the solution for you – try to use front door as often as ou can.

    maria duffy,

    Don’t use bagua mirror without feng shui specialist. The mirror is used to protect from smth, so this is not your case and you shouldn’t use it.
    As for the entrance door. Just specify where do you want to have your front door to be and energy entering.
    If that would be the garage, then make it as inviting, as possible.


    You can have walls painted with vertical strapes, but easier way is to place plants or paintings near the staircase.


    Fishes would be good in both cases:)


    Great ideas:) Round carpet is the best one. As for the red on the door – no, don’t do it.
    All things that look mystical – don’t really work in feng shui. Ordinary things can do what you need.
    Plants on the closet will also make the energy positively spreading.


    I don’t use wind chimes. I have basic feng shui knowledge. I just know that wind chimes should be used very carefully.
    Unfortunaly, currently I can’t advice you about wind chimes.

    Sudhaa Gopinath,

    You really should do smth, but it’s hard to advise what would be better in your case.
    Try to add plants or paintings that will make the entrance more lovely and positive, so that you won’t notice the narrow path and electric box.


    It’s true that big amount of water (fountains and pools) should be used carefully.
    Bad things only happen if flying stars of the house equal bad stars of the year, month, etc, etc.
    it’s hard to calculate and should be done by the profesional.
    The only thing i would say – our intuition is the best that we have! ANd it works:)
    If you like it – then it is the best feng shui:)


    Just place plants, paintings that will disctract the energy from going straigt upstairs.


    The best way would be to change the placement of the entrance door, but you can try and soften the energy flow by adding plants and paintings.


  2. Hi,
    My front door face directly to the sliding door in the lounge area, what i shoud do?

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