Feng Shui Jin Mao Education Tower

jin mao tower insideSummer break is almost over, and students will soon go back to their classrooms after the Labor Day.  Since many parents work very hard to refocus their children at this time of the year, it’s appropriate to show how Feng Shui relates to education.

Feng Shui Education Tower

Any Feng shui analysis should start with environmental Feng Shui.  The most common Feng Shui constructions in China are probably Feng Shui Towers.  One type of Feng Shui Tower is “Wen Bi Tower”, which is believed to bring luck to Children’s study.  “Wen” means education, “Bi” means Chinese brush-pen, so it is Education Tower.  Chinese Feng Shui scholars believe that the Education Tower can bring luck to children living around it.

Modern Wen Bi Towers

In our present time, we see some type of buildings as the modern Wen Bi Towers in cities.  Generally speaking, any building that has sharp top and spire body can be considered as Wen Bi Tower.  For example, the JinMao Tower, the third tallest building in the world is located in Shanghai, China, is a typical modern Wen Bi Tower.

Feng Shui Design of the Tower

The JinMao Tower was designed by an American architecture firm.  When American architects designed this building, they did a lot research in Chinese Feng Shui.The body of the tower is associated with Wood energy (a spire body), and the top of the building is associated with Fire energy (a sharp top), so JinMao Tower creates a perfect lucky Feng Shui layout of Wood producing Fire.

Perfect Feng Shui layout

According to Feng Shui scholars, any landscape shape creates its own unique universe magnetic field which influences the lives of people in the area.  For example, take New York City as the World Financial center.  If we analyze it from a Feng Shui viewpoint, Governors Island acts just likes a plug to block East River. This is a typical perfect Feng Shui layout for a prosperous business.

Chinese Feng Shui scholars think that Feng Shui towers or some like buildings also can influence the Feng Shui environment to promote education.  So if there is a building that is similar like JinMao Tower near your home, you can see it as a Wen Bi tower, the Education tower.

Governors Island just likes a plug to block East River


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