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feng shui color.jpgWe will discuss here the concept of using feng shui bagua. You will understand what this strange word means in several minutes. I tried to explain, so that everybody will understand what is going on. You might already know that Feng shui symbols are great to have at home, but you should know basics to find out where and why you should use Feng Shui “decoration”.

Let’s do first steps to the world of Feng shui.

feng shui bagua.jpg

Long time ago Chinese people created a compass, that divides your house on sections. Each section is responsible for one of the sides of your life. Let’s use it in practice, and then you will understand what’s going on. You can use this method for the house, and you can also start with you room.

  1. Take ordinary compass and paper
  2. Define where do you have south, west, east, etc
  3. Write them on your paper, so that you will see what part of your room (house) is, for example, in the south.
  4. Look at the diagram below and compare what you have and what it is advised to have








Fame and reputation


Red, orange, purple, pink, strong yellow


Diploma, awards, candles, horse statue, red phoenix


Love and marriage


Beige, Light Yellow, and Sandy/Earthy


Candles, double figures, couples, crystals, double happiness symbol


Children and creativity


White and Gray


White tiger, metallic and ceramic things


Helpful people


White and Gray


Elephant, metallic and ceramic things




Blue and Black


3emperor coins, golden ships, telephones, faxes,




Beige, Light Yellow, and Sandy/Earthy






Brown and Green


All wooden furniture and plants




Brown and Green


Symbols of money, plants




Light yellow, beige



All elements should be balanced

Every color and shape of the specific zone are responsible for one of the parts of your life, so be patient and try to use in your room and house a balanced number of colors. If you have everything white in your house, it is good to add red, or another color to add changes and movement to your life.

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  1. i’m confused–why is each directional corner as you have listed here the opposit of that in a bagua map? the bagua map uses the door as a reference point, so the door is always on one of the three bottom squares (ie. knowledge/career/helpful people). my house for example, the front door faces southwest, which is in the “love & marriage” sector according to you but in the “helpful people” sector if i apply the bagua map. am i looking at two completely different things here? or am i just looking at it wrong? please explain so i can apply the right way to my house. thanks!

  2. Bagua is used in two ways:
    1) modern and new method – bagua uses the door as reference point (this method doesnt work)
    2) modern, but with the element of classical feng shui – bagua table is placed according to directions (i started with this method and emotionally it works great:)I mean, when you add symbols to the section “love”, for example, and believe that this will work – it will work. Psychology:)
    3) classical feng shui – partially uses bagua. Dont divide the house on sections of “wealth, love and health, …”. They use LuoPan Compass and do difficult calculations.
    My advice: use bagua according to directions, try to balance colors and energy in you house, use symbols that you like to make your house comfortable and pleasant:))
    If any questions – feel free to ask!

  3. thank you for clarifying that for me, i am in the process of following the directions on your site–my place is in desperate need of your advice…

    i am of the estern group (kua# 4); the way my bedroom is laid out, the only place i can place my bed i will face either the northwest or the northeast dirction when laying on my side (neither of which are good for me. are there ways to deactivate energy/chi coming from those directions, ie. opposite enhancers or cures?

    also, helpful people (nw) & love (sw) are both in my bad directions, what can i do to enhance my life in these areas w/o activating bad chi from these bad directions?

    thanks in advance for you recommendations!

  4. Tip about directions and sections.
    They are different and shouldnt be mixed.

    Directions – place where you look, it is like long line. So, when you choose where to sleep or work, it means you choose direction. They can be good and bad.

    Sections – zones in you house, that are responsible for love, helpful people, etc. They can be only good.

    So, about your kua directions. In such situation you should choose the direction, that has less harm. NW for kua4 means “unlucky man” and NE “total loss”. It is better to place bed with the head to nw. If it is possible, try to work (place table) and eat the directions that are lucky for you. Then you can be sure that your life will be full of interesting things.

    About sections, as I explained above, they are all good. You should only place proper symbols there and keep your house (room) clean:)

  5. I find it always interesting to read great blogs with good content about Feng Shui Bedroom Placement because we can learn so much about that subject. Your blog regarding ui Bagua | Message Note seems quite relevant even if I dont agree with everything. Thx

  6. I’m Kua 4. My kitchen stove is currently located in the West direction(worst direction) facing the East direction. According to the color bagua you have.
    1) West is a Metal element
    2) My stove is stainless stove which matches METAL element.
    3) However, when I start cooking, the FIRE element will be in place and this melts METAL element.
    4) Is this considered as a destructive cycle? What should I do?

  7. Dear Master
    My kua number is six and realised that area in the south, southeast, east, north are not my good directions and I’m not suppose to activate them.
    My south is a balcony with planter. May I know if I can use wood decking to cover the planter. Can I use metal in the south?
    My northwest is kitchen and north is toilet which are suppose to be my good directions. Please advise what should I put and not put in these two directions?
    I’m a single, does that mean the northwest belonging to the patriach is myself? I’m also lost as my southeast and east is missing and there is a toilet at the east.
    Appreciate your advise.

  8. In my house bathroom is in the south west corner and bedroom is in the south east corner.Please suggest remedies.Also let me know if I can place pair of swans in north east corner or south west corner in the bathroom.

  9. I am totally confused about the bagua map directions and the compass directions. since I am building a house which is yet to be ready in a couple of months, I need some help from you. According to the compass direction, my house faces east and according to the bagua map direction, it faces the North and in the Career and Knowledge area, so which do I take into consideration. is it the bagua map or the compass direction to paint my house, because according to bagu, my living room is in the water element and according to the compass which falls in the east is Wood element. which color do you suggest inside and outside the house as well as for my front door.

  10. should i move into a north facing apartment building .
    The north facing apartment building number is 3445
    The apartment building faces also a huge river/lake
    and a road which is from east to west.
    Apparently there is an apartment available on the 4th floor.

    I currently live in the address of 284
    and I live in an apartment 201



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