Electro-magnetic fields in Feng Shui by Carole Hyder

Avoid electro-magnetic fields, especially in your bedroom.

Feng Shui is concerned with the flow of energy in your space to make it environmentally healthy. This includes its physical health as well. If a space isn’t healthy, you probably won’t be either. This pollution can come in many forms, but most recently I have been concerned about the …

…presence of electro-magnetic fields (EMF’s), most specifically AC electric fields and AC magnetic fields.

These fields are man-made and come from power-lines, wiring and grounding systems within the building, and appliances that are plugged in. When a home or building is polluted with excessive EMF’s, it can havesignificant implications for people who are ill and for those who aren’t.

High EMF’s can produce sleep disturbance, nervousness,allergies, inability to focus or concentrate, fatigue, headaches and bed-wetting in children. When EMF’s have been eliminated, those people who were ill responded well and began recovery. Those people who were not ill noticed beneficial changes in how they slept and their overall energy level. There are some anecdotal studies linking high EMF’s to cancer and childhood leukemia, as well.

Electricity powering our homes and offices produces both AC electric and magnetic fields. Magnetic fields are present when current flows to power appliances, lights, and anything requiring electricity. These magnetic fields are measured in Gauss units or milliGauss units. Electric fields, on the other hand, are produced by the wiring in the walls, floors and ceilings and are present even when the appliance or light is not turned on. Just by turning a light off doesn’t mean the voltage isn’t affecting you. The electric fields are measured in volts or millivolts. The best defense against exposure to EMF’s is avoidance. We will never eliminate all the effects of EMF’s but we can minimize them as much as possible.

As a Feng Shui practitioner, I now carry a volt meter and a Gauss meter to measure both electrical and magnetic fields when I am on a Feng Shui appointment. If you wanted to measure the fields yourself, some home versions of these meters are available in hardware stores and/or electronic stores locally.

Obviously the most crucial room in which to eliminate EMF’s if possible is the bedroom.

This is the room where we try to rest and rejuvenate. It is also where we become most vulnerable during the night and most susceptible to impacts from outside sources. During sleep we produce melatonin which, if in a depleted state, leaves our immune system vulnerable. This is also a room in which we spend a considerable amount of time, usually from six to eight hours.


Something as simple as an electric alarm clock or a clock radio near your head can produce high EMF’s. Using a battery operated clock is the best option.

Electric blankets

Electric blankets and electric heating pads emit extraordinarily high EMF’s and should be avoided at all costs. If you must use an electric blanket or an electric heating pad, I recommend you plug it in for a while before you get into bed, and then unplug it totally as you’re crawling under the covers. A good old-fashioned hot water bottle is a better solution.

Stereos and television

Avoid having stereos and television sets near your body as you sleep in your bed.

Service Panel

A good practice is to check where the service panel is for the electricity coming into your house. Then make sure that no one is sleeping near this box or that you do not have your desk nearby. Even if the service panel is on the other side of the wall from a bed, it can still emit enough EMF’s to be a health factor.

Baby Monitor, air-dry, computer, microwave

Baby monitors radiate large amounts of EMF’s and should not be put in children’s cribs. Whenever possible, air-dry your hair and/or use a non-electrical razor to avoid getting hit with unusually high exposures from the appliances required to accomplish either of these tasks. Do not sit closer than three feet to your computer or eight feet to your television set. Computers emit the most EMF’s from the back and sides, so when planning an office layout it is important that no one be sitting near the back of someone else’s computer. Water-beds with heaters are notorious for exposing people to high EMF’s. As with the electric blankets, heat the water for a while first before getting into bed, then unplug the heater entirely before you go to sleep. It should not be a surprise that while a microwave oven is running, everyone needs to be at least eight to ten feet away from it.

When a person is ill for whatever reason, getting the EMF’s as low as possible will assist in their healing process. Sometimes it is even necessary to install a demand switch at the service panel to completely turn off all voltage which may run through the walls of the bedroom. This provides the person with several hours of a radiation-free environment in which to regenerate energy and health. In most cases, non-essential circuits can be turned off at night without a problem. Normally the refrigerator, air conditioning or heating would not be on the same circuit as the bedroom.

Without being aware of the presence of EMF’s, Feng Shui adjustments could be putting a client at risk from a health basis. When suggesting that the bed be placed in a command corner of a bedroom, it is imperative to check that the EMF’s are safe for that to happen. It is more important that the bed be placed in an environmentally safe spot than that the Feng Shui is correct. With transcendental adjustments, a problematic arrangement can always be corrected so that the Feng Shui of the room will be in balance. Placement may need to be compromised in order to provide a healthy EMF environment.

By combining the science of electro-biology and the art of Feng Shui, people can create environments that are healthy. When an environment is healthy and stable it follows that people will be creative, productive and live with harmony and balance.

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  2. How do you feel in regards to feng shui, about a home that runs on direct current? A house that does not use AC voltages or currents to minimize electromagnetic fields. When Edison created the first electrical system in New York City it was pure direct current. The only problem was that DC did not travel over long distances very well.

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