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feng shui clutter.jpgFeng shui has the main rule – get rid of clutter! Clutter stops flowing of the energy. This can lead to stagnant situation in your life. Usually, if people constantly face problems, don’t have a chance to end the deal that was started, the plans are not realized – they have clutter at home. Take time to clean your room and house, and you will see how easily your life will go)

You know why celebrities are rich? Because they don’t store old things, they have space for new things. Do like them.

Here are places to look for clutter:

1. Old Newspapers. If you don’t have time or desire to throw them away daily, then do it once a week.

2. Old Magazines. Shelters and hospitals need such magazines, while your family already read it and doesn’t need.

3. Books. I never throw away interesting and valuable books for me, but you will do a good job if you make a present to the organizations that need it.

4. Old Study Materials. You have already passed and this is a good memory in your soul, but not in your house. You can make a photo of this big studying clutter and show it to your kids in future.

5. Sample Shampoo/makeup bottles. Check the due date. If you don’t and won’t use it throw away.

6. Old Makeup you never liked. Make up out of date should be thrown away without any thought of disappointment. You can buy new. It will be much better for you and your skin.

7. Old Clothes that you no longer wear. That’s right, dont be greedy. Share it with Shelters.

8. Old Purses, Briefcases you do not use. If they are in good shape – donate them. If they are old and need to be fixed – throw away.

9. Old worn out socks, underwear. No comments needed. Throw away.

10. Exercise equipment. If you don’t use it, lose it!

11. Expired Prescriptions/Vitamins. They want give you any help.

12. Craft projects . If you know that never finish them, then this is clutter.

13. Anything broken. Repair or get rid

14. Computer . Delete files and emails that are not used.

15. Office Files and drawers. Papers, files, books, pens.

16. Old Statements (Tex, Credit Card) One year old? Throw away…

17. Bathroom - Old bottles/soaps

18. Bedrooms. Dust, Magazines, keep everything clean

19. Garages. This is not a catchall its for your car.

20. Storage Sheds . Store only things you use

21. Old Furniture – Have a garage sale/or donate for the needy

22. Kitchen Pantry – Past due, or food you don’t enjoy

23. Cheque/Check Books. Keep them balanced not cluttered

24. Sentimental mementos. If they make you feel sad Lose them

25. Garden. Take care of plants. Dead plants are not good.

26. Car. Stuffed glove compartments & trunks

27. The Toy Box. Get rid of toys that your child has outgrown

28. Top of the Refrigerator . You already see what should be cleaned

29. Fish Bowl. Do you remember the article about treating pets in Feng shui. If no, then try to remind yourself about Feng Shui for pets.

30. Shower . You dont need finished bottles of shampoo/soap etc…

31. Negative Friends . Create too much mental clutter)

32. Your head! Time to Meditate)

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