Christmas and New Year with Feng Shui

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You already know that each part of your house is decorated according to its element. Let me remind you: west and northwest are sections where metal element is in charge. So you need to use white and gray elements in this parts of your house. Feng shui is a special tool, that will help you to decide how to use colors in your rooms and where they will help to change your life. The table will make it easier to understand how to use colors according to Feng Shui.

Learn Feng Shui colors and elements with fun. We will start with Christmas candles and bulls. Holiday is the best way to start new life, and start this new life with the world of Feng Shui.

Feng shui decorating is the most pleasant you can do for yourself.

I made a table that is more convenient, when you want to specify which object from your house suits best for specific part of your house or room. The table below is almost the same as in the article Feng shui_Bagua.






Southwest, Northeast and Centre

Beige, Light Yellow, and Sandy/Earthy




Red, orange, purple, pink, strong yellow



West, Northwest

White and Gray




Blue and Black



East, Southeast

Brown and Green


Where do you thing should be candles?

The best place for them is in the south, because when you burn them they become a kind of fire place. Candles in the south will activate the energy of fame and reputation.

Before we continue discussing decoration, you should know

Which elements are friends, and which are not

  • Friendly:

Water – Wood – Fire – Earth – Metal – Water

The scheme works like this: Water is good for wood, while wood is good for fire, fire supports earth, and earth is the best friend for metal.

  • Unfriendly:

Water – Fire – Metal – Wood – Earth – Water

It is not advised to use unfriendly scheme, because you can make harm. Only specialists can use it, but they also try to use friendly concept.

So, let’s get back to candles. They are good in the south and also in the Southwest, Northeast and Centre, because Fire is good for Earth.


feng-shui-red-candle.jpg Red candle with green and golden dcorations go to Fire and Earth zones.
feng-shui-white-candles.jpgfeng-shui-white-candle.jpg White candles should be in the Metal zones, but don’t light them often, because metal doesn’t like fire. White candles should be in the Metal zones, but don’t light them often, because metal doesn’t like fire.
feng-shui-blue-bowls.jpg Blue bowls go to Water or Metal parts of your house or room, because they have color of water and shape of metal.
feng-shui-santa.jpgfeng-shui-snowman.jpg Santa, angels and heroes from fairy-tales should be placed in the West, because it is the part for children and creativity.
feng-shui-tree.jpgfeng-shui-tree2.jpg Place such tree in Southwest, Northeast and Centre.
Green is the color of prosperity, so you can place it where you like. Wood would be best place for it.
feng-shui-purple-bulbs.jpg Puple decorations are for Fire element.


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