Chinese Numerology – Good or Bad number?

Irene Pasat February 13, 2008

Why are you afraid of the number 13?

Can you explain why is it so bad?

Some people on the contrast love this number and it brings them luck.
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I think, that meaning of numbers is only our perception of what they are.

Let’s see what Chinese do if they have “bad” numbers in their phone number, car numbers, apartment, etc.

Chinese Numerology (Full Article)

Why numbers are divided on good and bad:

1) Yang energy is active and goes for prosperity, future and growth.

This is the main reason why odd numbers are said to be better.

2) Chinese think that numbers can improve their life.

They don’t consider numbers as superstition.

And we think that some numbers are very bad and we don’t have the reason why we think so, just know that it was always “bad”, but don’t know why.

3) How the number sounds?

Cantonese and Western people speak different languages, but we take their meaning for some numbers.

Number 4 is “death” for Cantonese, and for English speaking person it can sound like “more”.

Numbers are divided:

1) Yin and Yang – the well known symbols of balance.

Numbers are divided on yin and yang.

They should also be balance.

If you have several numbers, then these numbers should be 50/50% yin and yang.

1, 3, 5, 7, 9 – odd numbers have yang energy.

2, 4, 6, 8 – even numbers are yin.

2) Elements 1- water 2, 5, 8 – earth 3, 4 – wood 6, 7 – metal 9 – fire

0 is perfection, nothing, harmony and completion.

zero is a good number

zero is a good number

1 and 9 are good numbers.

the number one means unity

number one is a good and auspicious number

Number 1 is “unity” and number 9 is “longevity” or “enough”.

These two numbers combine well with other lucky numbers.

BUT 9 has the bigger Yang energy comparing to others.

It implies the onset of decline, therefore combination numbers like 39, 69 and 89, while they sound good, imply over development.

For the same reason 999 is not a good number because it is has too many yang numbers and the only way for it to go is down, because the follow up number is 1000.

thousand1000 means beginning of a new cycle after you tried so long.

I am sure that you are not going to starting all over again.

In the past, Nine is reserved for the Emperor and ordinary people were not allowed to use number 9.

The doors to the imperial palace were all decorated with (9×9) 81 brass knobs to signify the majesty of the Emperor.

We know from history what happened to all Emperors, they get overthrown in the end.

So if you have good ego and strong desire for the constant renewal, do not choose 9, 99 or 999.

Two is not too bad.

number two is a good number

It is the first of the yin numbers.

Sound as easy or “yi” in Cantonese.

Place number 2 before lucky numbers, so that it will sound like “easy luck”.

For example the numbers 23, 26, 28 and 29 are good.

They sound as “easily growing”, “easily profitable”, “easily prosperous” and “easily enough” in Cantonese respectively.

BUT try to avoid putting number 2 in front of unlucky sounding numbers like 4 (death or dying).

The number 24 is considered unlucky, because it sounds the same as “easily dying” and 2424 is a very bad number.



the number three

number three is auspicous

Sounds like “growth” and “alive” and is a lucky number to have.

Four sounds like “death” (sie) in Cantonese.

number four is inauspicious in some places

Most Chinese avoid number 4 because of this bad sounding.

Number 4 is also pictured like the sun is being obscured by a cloud.

Cloudy day is the image of number 4.

The Chinese do not like to have a house or a car with the number 4 or a combination like 14 “must die”, 24 “easily dying”, 44 “dying and dead” and 74 “surely dead”.

BUT 4 is considered auspicious when it is used with the 5 or number 8. 54 sounds like “shall live forever and will not die”.

58 sounds the same as “sure to prosper”.

84 sounds the same as “forever prosperous”.

104 is also considered unlucky.

13 is the most mystical number that people don’t like (although some people adore this number and it brings luck for them).

I will open the secret of scary number 13.

13 is concidered unlucky, because when you add 1 + 3 = 4.

Sounds again like Death.

Five sounds the same as nothing in Cantonese.

uspicios number

number five is neutral: not bad and not good

The best friend for the number 5 is the unlucky 4, but not the lucky 8.

54 sounds like “not dying” and

58 sounds like “not prosperous” in Cantonese.

Six is also an auspicious number.

good number

six is an auspicious number

Firstly, because it sounds as “profitable” or “luk” in Cantonese.

Secondly, 6 is twice 3.

3 is a lucky number primary number since it takes a minimum of 3 points to create a geometrical shape.

Twice 3, that is 6 is the beginning of all things.

6 means progress and doubling of everything that you started with.

This is the reason why Chinese like three digit numbers like 326 and 666.

Seven sounds as “for sure” (chut) or “certainty”.


seven means definitely

auspisous number seven

Best numbers to combine with number 7 are 2 and 8.

72 and 78 sound the same as “certainly easy” and “prosperous for sure” respectively in Cantonese.

BUT try to avoid putting a 7 before unlucky numbers like 4,

74. They sound like “dead for sure”.

Eight is considered good number.


eight is a good number

It sounds like “prosperous” or “fa” in Cantonese.

Number 8 has more YIN energy then others.

The Chinese believe that if you are not lucky, the only way for you with number 8 is to go up.

Number 8 changes bad luck to good luck.

In business, three digit numbers are very popular (328 and 888 ), because they sound the same as “thrice prosperous” and “business will easily prosper”.

Three digit are preferred, because 3 is a yang number that means “liveliness” or “san” in Cantonese.


the number nuni is good

good number nine

Good Combinations

The numbers that start with 1,2,3,6 and 8 or a combination will always sound lucky.

8, 18, 28, 38, 48, 54, 68, 80, 84, 88, 99, 168 & 108 are all good numbers.

You can choose which you like, but try to have he number balanced with yin and yang energies.

For example 3388, 1618 and 1328 are all very auspicious, because they have a combination of two yang numbers and two yin numbers.

Such combinations are balanced and very lucky to have them in your life.

Dont worry if you have unlucky number!

Cure Number 1.

Paint two red dots near the number.

For example if you have a unlucky 4 or 14 in the number of your house, then just paint it like ·4· or ·14· with numbers in black and the dots in red.

A dot or zero symbolizes “nothingness”; a pair of them in red will nullify any unluckiness associated with the number.

This cure only works if the numbers are written down.

For mobile or telephone numbers, you need to actually change the numbers to change your luck.

Cure Number 2.

Good and cheap cure is to draw a circle around your number

Cure Number 3.

If you have time and money, then go to your local store and find one of ceramic door numbers with a circle around the number.

Do not be afraid of numbers.

Numerology is to serve us, like Feng Shui.

Choose a house, a unit and a car that you really like first, then worry about the numbers.

Numbers by themselves do not have any power.

They work if you believe in their power.

If you can change and if you have good numbers in your life, then be happy, but if you don’t then just don’t mind)

There are numerous factors that influence our lives, and we just can guess which of those influence us more)


  1. oma says:

    I just would like to know what do you think of 130 as a door number. I know if you add it these become number four and is also 13. Would you think this 130 number is unlucky for a house then?

  2. Zvezdochka says:

    Oma, the number that you have is lucky:)
    1) It sounds good, when you pronounce the number
    2) The numbers 1 and 3 mean good things)Unity and growth!
    3) 0 at the end balances odd number energy
    If you still worry about number 4, when you add 1 and 3, then you can see it the way I see it. Number 4 sounds like “more” in English, and not like in Cantonese it sound bad. This is great number with unity, growth and balance inside:)

  3. tina says:

    We are purchasing a house that has 44 as it’s address number. Is this bad? We have the option with the town to change it to 40, 42 or 46. Are any of these numbers better? We look forward to your advise. Thank you.

  4. Zvezdochka says:

    I wouldnt worry about the number.
    The steps that I would follow, when buying the house:
    - enter the house and feel if you like it
    - see if you like neighborhood
    We don’t speak Cantonese, so 44 doesn’t sound bad in our language. I would say it sounds like “more, more”.
    If you like this house, buy it) I would definitely buy the house with such numbers.
    Good luck!

  5. Bobby says:

    Which 3 number combinations is good for a vehicle license plate
    328; 383; 727; 737;767; 736

  6. Zvezdochka says:

    328 and 383 are very good.
    328 is great number, because it sounds the same as “thrice prosperous”:)

  7. Phalina says:

    which is better number for a house 529 or 527

    Thank you

  8. Zvezdochka says:

    529 is better. earth+fire are friendly elements. Sounds like easy longevity, meaning easy luck.
    Number is just one part of our lives, and number 529 will be one of the supporting features in your life.

  9. Stephen says:

    Hello, what might be the meaning in cantonese for numbers 15, 16, 60 for house? Thank you very much.

  10. Kelly Davis says:

    Hi, we are currently in a 2368 #d house, which is a 1. I was told that it was a learning house. My husband and I have had a somewhat rocky marriage, but do love each other and now have 2 beautiful kids. I want to move because our home is too small for our now larger family and want to pick a # that would be good for us all. I found a 9 but was told that that was the end of everything. I was brought up in a 9 and it was not a very happy childhood and my parents devorced.

    Thank you.

  11. Zvezdochka says:

    Numbers are just a small part of our life, they wont do harm if everything else is good.
    The numbers that start with 1,2,3,6 and 8 or a combination will always sound lucky.
    I love number 1 and 8.
    Number force changes every year. Number 7 was lucky several years ago, now we are in period 8, so number 8 means luck now and 9 means luck in future.
    Be happy:)

  12. Usha Devi says:

    Please advice us whether the number of the house 13315 is good house number

  13. Zvezdochka says:

    the number is very good) they mean unity and growth.
    One thing that will be better to change – its yang energy.
    This number has a lot of yang energy, active energy, so you should place some yin symbols in your house. You can find them in the article:

    You can add:
    - water
    - cold colors
    - static sculptures
    - soft textures
    Dont forget that everything should be balanced – yin and yang energies should be balanced.

  14. Phalina says:

    My sister in law is buying a new home and is #1120. Is this a good # to live in. Please let me know asap. Thankyou for your help.

  15. Patrick says:

    What does anyone think about my address: it’s 838, apt. #8 ….:) and my cell is 489-8244

  16. Zvezdochka says:

    Phalina, it would be better to have 1123 number. So that it will sound like “double unity, easy growth”
    while 1120 – is double unity and easy nothing. This number is neutral. It is not bad and it is not perfect. Just fine)

  17. Zvezdochka says:

    Patrick, your adress is great! we live in the period 8, so numbers 8 mean luck at this time. Very good. As for your mobile number, it has balanced energy and looks nice, so number is OK)

  18. Raj says:

    we are considering a houconsidese purchase , nothing yet finalized , but the number is 105 Is this a good number as per feng shui?

    From the above article I can intrepret the number as no unity am I right?
    1 meaning unity
    and 5 meaning nothing

    Thanks for your replies

  19. Raj says:

    we are considering a house purchase , nothing yet finalized , but the number is 105 Is this a good number as per feng shui?

    From the above article I can intrepret the number as no unity am I right?
    1 meaning unity
    and 5 meaning nothing

    Thanks for your replies

  20. M0 says:

    What do you think of a license plate with the number 55 on it? Thanks for your the help!

  21. Zvezdochka says:

    i think, number 105 sounds good, because number 5 doesn’t stand before 1. 51 would sound like “no unity”, while 105 will sound like “unity and not/nothing”…5 in the end is separated with 0, that balances this number and doesnt give bad energy.

  22. Zvezdochka says:

    55 doesnt sound good. firstly, 55 means double “nothing”, secondly this number is not balanced and has only yang energy. There are many other factors that influence your life and business, and numbers are just superstition for some people)

  23. Stephen says:

    Hello, what do you think of number 9733? Too much yang energy? Means bad number? Thank you very much!

  24. PC says:

    Hello, I am trying to decide between 138 or 818 on a license plate. What do you think is luckier? Thanks!

  25. CC says:

    Hello, we’re buying a house w/ the #14… is that a bad luck number??? Thanks!

  26. shilpa says:

    we are looking to buy a house with #1113 is it a good number ? it has all yin numbers please advise

  27. M0 says:

    Thanks for the response on the numbers 55 on the license plate. How about the numbers 551? What would these represent? Thank you much!

  28. Zvezdochka says:

    Hi everybody! Sorry for the delayed reply…

    Here are answers:
    – #9733. I like it! “for sure growth”. It is very yang number, so it is very active. Be careful with such big energy:)

    - #138 and #188. They are both perfect. My mood says that 138 looks better:) But they are both great!

    - #14 – “more unity”. Number 4 is good number, it sounds like “more”. Good choice:)

    - #1113. Numbers, like this, can be fixed by putting (writing, adding) zeros from both sides. This will balance their energy. If you dont have such opportunity, then just think about its sound “triple unity and growth”. There are no good or bad numbers, numbers are the way we interpret them.

    - #55 means nothing. #551 means “no unity”. It is better to choose 55 between these two numbers.

  29. Camry says:

    3332 or 3335 or 3336 or 3339 which is better car plate number?

  30. Rick says:

    It looks like you just have bad luck. Based on what I read:
    44 death death
    42 death easy
    40 death complete
    46 death is smooth & easy

    your address sounds great
    2368 easy life flowing with fortune

  31. jen says:

    Hello, Zvezdochka,

    How’s about the number 5649? or, 8239? which is better? What do each mean to you?

  32. jen says:

    also, how’s about the number 5605?

  33. jen says:


  34. Zvezdochka says:

    Hi everybody!
    Rick, thank you for help! You properly analyse numbers:)
    But people, who dont speak Cantonese (like we do), have number 4 sounding not like “death”, but like “more”. So, I would say that tina’s numbers are not so bad:)

    For Jen:
    5649 – nothing profitable enough death
    8239 – easy prosperous and enouth growth
    5605 – not profitable
    8945 – enough prosperous death and nothing

    8239 is definetely better then other numbers!

  35. jen says:

    8239 better? The sum of it is 4, so Ithought it was inauspicious.
    which is better?
    thanks in advance

  36. Zvezdochka says:

    jen, the number 8239 is auspicious:)
    you added it several times, that’s why it became 4 and inaspicious.
    But we analyse the numbers’ luck due to their sound! And this number we pronounce “8239″, but not “4″. So, its good:)
    If we talk about 8239 and 9026 numbers, i would say they are both eaqually lucky))

  37. Reni says:

    We are looking at 2 homes. The house numbers are:
    Could you please tell me which is more auspicious?
    Thx :)

  38. fanny says:

    We are looking at 2 homes.The house numbers are 152 and 144.Will it be alucky or unlucky numbers.Thanks.

  39. Avinash says:

    I have two mobile numbers, the sum of one mobile no is comming 3
    and another is 2.
    Which number will be lucky to me. My birth date is 22nd Jan 1978.
    Please suggest me. Thanks in advance.

  40. Maria Catangui says:

    I just changed my phone numbers today and would like to know if I chose the right numbers in terms of luck.

    Home (619) 746-6888 (concerned about the 4 in the number)
    Cell (808) 352-9188 (concerned about the 5 in the number)

    Please let me know. I just need more luck in my life right now as I am struggling with finances.

    Thank You Very Much!

  41. cloud says:

    so what do you think about 1101 and 1103. Both of them only have yang number with number 0 in the middle. Do you think it good? what will it means?



  42. fanny says:

    Hi, its me again.Which of the house number is better 1331 or 616.Thank you again.

  43. shauna says:

    hi ever since my ex passed away on oct 27 of last year(2007)ive been seeing 327 every where i used to be asleep and just wake up out of my sleep with my heart racing and it would be 3:27 on the clock so after about a month i started getting freaked out by it so i started turning my clock around and then i would see it in other places like my cell phone clock, microwave, gas prices, and on highway exits that i would get off on but the weird thing about it is that the night before he died i called him from a number wich first 3 digits were so can you please tell me what this means??????

  44. cloud says:

    hi So 58 is good or bad since the article on the top said 2 different meaning

    58 sounds the same as “sure to prosper”. 84 sounds the same as “forever prosperous”.

    58 sounds like “not prosperous” in Cantonese.


  45. fanny says:

    There are 2 houses my husband is interested,the house up the hill is#152.The other house with the slope low other houses is #

  46. fanny says:

    There are 2 houses my husband is interested in. The first house is up the hill #152. The other house with the slope but below the other houses is #616. Which do you think is better?

  47. jen says:

    I see. Do you ever consider the sum total of the numbers? I’ve seen feng shui experts addressing their clients to add a digit to their home address with clear nail polish. Most of those aids by them, when you add up the new # that was addressed by the feng shui expert, to the home address, it equals the very auspicious #8. Hence in considering the sum. I’ll refer back to the article to get a more clear understanding of the numbers.

  48. Phalina says:


    First I want to thank you for taking your time to answer all our questions. Thank you so much for all your help. I have one more question. I purchased a new home and the address is 530. I hope this is a good number. Please give me some insight. Thank you

  49. Jesper says:

    I would like to know if 21 is a bad or a good number..
    and I would like to know what it means too if you would be that nice


  50. Patrick says:

    I want to know what you think of my real home address:

    I reside at 838, Apt.8

    Patrick :)

  51. Myra says:

    Our new house number is 4217. Does this sound good? It is also facing the mountain. Thanks.

  52. shilpa says:

    we are purchasing a home with the number 403 can you give me some insight as to how this number will be and if it there is anything to correct it.
    thank u

  53. Maria says:

    posted a question on 7/23/08 and did not hear back. where can I find the answer to my question?

  54. Zvezdochka says:

    Hi, Maria!
    Your phone numbers seem lucky.

    first number with 4 in the middle is followed with 6, so in our language it will sound “more profit”

    2nd phone number with number 5 is also fine. 5 meens “nothing”, so it is neutral and dont has harmfull effect.

    Everything will be fine!:) Good luck!

  55. meenakshi says:

    hi, i`m go`ng 2 ge married on 7th december, 2008. my fiance`s DOB is 2/12/1978 and mine 03/10/1984? is the date ok?

  56. Jesper says:

    please I really need to know if 21 is a bad number or not

  57. Zvezdochka says:

    21 is easy unity))very good number!

  58. Zvezdochka says:

    Reni, i would choose 4616. “more profit unity and profit”

    Fanny, 152 and 144 are both lucky. 144 is better because looks harmonious.
    1331 or 616 house numbers…here even I confused…they are both great!

    Avinash, mobile with 3 (growth) will be better and 2 will mean unity (together). Feel what number you like. I would choose 2, because associate with 2loving people:)

    , 1101 and 1103 they are yang, but zero balances these numbers. 0 is like a cure, and if it is not used in the number, then you can visually add zeros in the begining and the end to balance the number’s energy if you need. About 58…we dont speak Cantonese and each number can be interpreted differently. 58 means “nothing or no procperity” on Cantonese, but this number has ideal balance 5 is yang and 8 is yin, both are earth energy. Moreover, we are in the period 8, so this number everywhere brings lucky energy and profit today.

    Shauna, 327 is good number and there is no need to be afraid of it. You just started to notice it everywhere, but there are many other objects and situations that we dont notice for a long time. everything is ok:)

    Jen, numbers have the smallest influence in our lives. I dont really felt big difference when changed numbers that I use in life, so I dont belive that that example that you gave and such feng shui difference will make change in your life.

    Phalina, 530 is neutral number. It is good because has friendly energy in it of earth and wood elements.

    Patrick, you are lucky man with such numerous 8 numbers!!!great:)

    Myra, 4217 “more easy unity for sure”. Good number!

    Shilpa, 403 “more growth”. The number is not really balanced, but if you will balance energy in your house, then 403 will become lucky.

  59. meenakshi says:

    :(..noooo reply yet

  60. Aviagra says:

    I loved the post. I think your thinking is nearly matching the great sukrat’s cocept.

  61. Hair Loss says:

    Well I always like to comment on your post. But this time u made me speechless with your marvelous work. Keep it up

  62. Cynthia says:

    hello what do u think of number 26 and 29

  63. Ivana says:

    How about 1822 for a licence plate?

  64. Zvezdochka says:

    26 and 29 are good numbers.

    1822 is also good choice:) 8 is always good in this period.

  65. sarda says:

    Hi! Could you please tell me which is a better number for my cell phone? Thanks in advance.
    463-21000, 461-23000, 959-48888 or 462-92929

  66. fatima says:

    hi im really confused these days every wer i go i see number 9 :(
    i m really afraid
    it it a sign?
    always i think maybe it s a bad sign maybe just 9 years happiness or 9 years later somthing bad will hapen:(
    tell me plz and help me :(

  67. sarda says:

    No reply yet? Sorry if I am troubling you with this.

  68. Zvezdochka says:

    Sorry for the delays, I just moved to the new company:)so im busy a little)

    Sarda, zeros at the end dont look good. cell number with “nothing”. I would recommend 959-48888 or 462-92929. Both are great 8 is current luck and 9 is luck in future. I would chose 959-48888;)

    Fatima, number 9 is a superb number! It means future luck. Maybe these signs want to tell you that you will have happy changes soon:))) I love 9!

  69. sarda says:

    Thank you so much.

  70. oren says:

    I am considering buying 1 or 2 of domain names with following numbers. Can anyone tell me which are the best TWO as far as popularity in China?



  71. Zvezdochka says:

    Oren, if you are going to have domains targeting China, dont choose number 4 in them.

    So, 62 and 82 would be best:)

  72. jesper says:

    thanks you so much Zvezdochka

    I hope you forgive me for not being paitent

    thanks again

  73. Zvezdochka says:


    Everything is fine:)
    Have a great day!

  74. Maria says:

    I’m planning to buy a condo as arental investment. The number is 566 … is 566 mean no profit? or is this a good number because it has a double 6?

  75. Amanda says:

    Is 397 a good house number? We are also positioned on a corner…

  76. Zvezdochka says:

    566 looks fine – double 6 would mean double profit.

    397 – very good number. “future growth for sure”


  77. Marc says:


    Our baby will born soon, which date is the best :
    - 7th november 2008
    - or 8th november 2008 ?

  78. Zvezdochka says:

    Hi Marc,

    Birth dates are not ordinary dates. They should be counted with feng shui specialist and have difficult calculations. Unfortunately, I dont specialize in birth dates.

    I would choose 8th, number 8 is the lucky number and means “lucky now”.

    Good luck:)

  79. Marc says:

    Many thanks Zvezdochka!

  80. angel says:

    hi! i was born on april 13, 1984,.. i’m about to schedule my examination for the state board,.. i prefer to take the exam on February of 2009. but i do not know yet ,on what particular date?what suggestion could you give me?

    Thank you so much!

  81. Pam says:

    Selling a brand new home to an Asian couple and the house number is 12815. Is this a good number?

    Also, what do you think of the number 219, number 4801 and 6886? Thank you

  82. angel says:

    hi im sorry for disturbing you,..

    i have a follow up question,.. i was born on April 13, 1984 (4+1+3+1+9+8+4=30= 3), so in numerology, my lucky nummber is 3.

    i’m planning to have my examination scheduled on February 26, 2009 (2+2+6+2+9= 21= 3)…so is this date lucky for me?

    and what do you think and suggest of how am i going to chose my lucky date of exam?

    i’m looking forward for your kind response. Thank you in advance

  83. Usha says:

    We are looking at land and house. Our land no. is Lot 27 and door no. is 26. what do you think is it good or bad.

  84. Denise says:

    The number 152 has followed me for more nearly 30 years. Its been my exam number, license plate number, address. hotel room number, time I awaken the first time at night, winning lottery number, just to name a few. Why could that be and what does it mean

  85. Vidhu Kuan says:

    i have a mobile number 9911942871

    Is this lucky ? Please suggest last 4 digit combination, that i can use if i plan to buy a new number.

  86. Kamal says:

    Hello, please tell me which of the following house numbers are good, 906, 504, 302, 503, 505, 1005, I will be buying one of these and hence would like to know the influence of positive energy on the above.

    Thank you

  87. angel says:

    hi im sorry for disturbing you,..

    i have a follow up question,.. i was born on April 13, 1984 (4+1+3+1+9+8+4=30= 3), so in numerology, my lucky nummber is 3.

    i’m planning to have my examination scheduled on February 26, 2009 (2+2+6+2+9= 21= 3)…so is this date lucky for me?

    and what do you think and suggest of how am i going to chose my lucky date of exam?

    i’m looking forward for your kind response. Thank you in advance

  88. Veena Krishnan says:


    I don’t kno hw much u can help me but i keep seeing similar numbers whenever i look at the time
    e.g. 13:13
    amd many such combinations
    wanted to know if it meant anything to u

  89. angel says:

    hi Zvezdochka!
    once again i’m here to ask an assistance regarding my date of examination,..
    my Date of Birth is April 13, 1984,..
    i’m planning to have my examination scheduled on February 26, 2009.. would that day be lucky for me?
    and also, what color of clothes i have to wear on my exam day to make me luckier?
    thank You so much..i just can’t decide on my own that’s why i’m asking you to help me out please,..
    Thank You so much

  90. Zvezdochka says:

    Hello my dear:) This is the busiest post according to comments. we have 91 comment already!!!:)
    SO, here are my answers:

    Angel, unfortunatelly, I cant give you advice for the February 2009.
    I will have the calendar for 2009 after new year feng shui courses. Remind me in 2009 regarding February, if this will be still helpful for you.
    You can also track calendars at, but they also dont have February 2009 right now.

    The sum of numbers doesnt really show if the date is lucky or not. Feng shui specialists calculate it using ancient chineese calendar combining with elements of the years,etc.I would really want to know how they do it, but it costs a lot to take such courses.

    Pam, 12815 is a balanced number with the lucky 8 in the middle:)
    All other numbers also look great because of 8 and 9 numbers.I like this one 4801 it looks positive and interesting.

    26 and 27 are neutral numbers. Nothing bad in them:)

    if you notice this number all the time, it might be your lucky number that helps you everywhere. So just love it!

    Vidhu Kuan,
    if you can chose the ending of the number, chose numbers 8 and 9. other numbers will balance the strong force of 8 and 9.
    i would chose such endings ****1819 or ****2468. Even numbers give the feeling of partnership, so if you feel it as well, you can take 2,4,6,etc.

    first of all chose the house that has good surrounding (nature, neighbours, peace, comfort) Numbers are the last step to look at when chosing the place to live.
    I would chose 906. It has 9 – the number of prosperity. The second place goes to 505 – looks like frienship:)

    Veena Krishnan,
    i think similar numbers give the sign to relax and have friend. You are really busy.

    THANK YOU ALL!!!:)

  91. melinda says:

    I really like this one home and looking to purchase but the address is 7459 which sound like for sure dying and nothing luck in the future. Please let me know because i’m trying to make an offer for the home or should I pass.

  92. Zvezdochka says:

    Melinda, if you speak cantonese, then you should be scared of number 4 and think that this number means death. if you think so, then dont purchase this house.
    Numbers are nothing if the house is good to live in. Numbers wont influence negatively. I dont think numbers have the force to rule our lives. in this case numbers rule your life. i would purchase the house with such number.

  93. angel says:

    hi! thank you! that’s what i’ve thought of. February 2009 calendar is not available still, i have to wait for that particular calendar,..Thank You for your response! i appreciate it! :-)
    And by the way, we have our new house being built… do you know any site where i can find some cure if some of the parts of our house is not lucky in terms of feng shui? Thank you once again! and have a nice day

  94. Zvezdochka says:

    Angel, do you mean furniture placement or the placement of the house totally?

  95. Nash says:

    In our culture when girls get married we quote an amount before the marriage ceremony and the groom is expected to give the amount in cash for the bride. As i’m a little confused on which figure or amount i should quote, could u help me comeup with a good number for my upcoming wedding which is to be held in late december. I would like it to be between a range of 1500-3000


  96. dv says:

    hi there i am cantonese and is about to purchase a house with the address number of 8884 parents say no because of the four at the end what do you think of this number combination thanks in advance for your kind response!!

  97. Kamal says:

    Hello Zvezdochka,

    Thank you for your earlier suggestions.

    But sadly, I could not manage to get the numbers 906 and 505, what I finally have agreed upon is House No. 603, it’s in the 6th floor. Also, 603 adds to 9.

    Please do let me know, if this will bring me positive luck.

    Thank you

  98. Kamal says:

    Hello Zvezdochka,

    One more point, my date of birth is 24 Oct 1979 (24-10-1979), so I’m Number 6.

    Also, my wife’s DoB is 9 Dec 1983 (09-12-1983), she’s also a number 6.

    Does this number 6 have a good influence on our lives, also will our new house no 603 be a good match for us ?

    Thank you

  99. Rahul says:

    Hello Zvezdochka,

    According to Indian Numerology my psychic number is 1, destiny number is 7 and my name number is 8.

    I recently bought a motorcycle with number 7459. So i wanted to know about the how good the number is.

    Also i am planning to change my mobile number as its last four digits are 7992 and the total number of my 10 digit mobile number is 4. The starting series for new numbers are : 9910, 9810, 9958, 9971, 9871, 9717, 9818. Also please advice me with the 10 digit number according to Chinese Numerology which would boost stability in my career and increase in financial gains as well as improvement in personal relationships.

    Refrence :

  100. Usha says:

    Hello Zverdochka,

    Thanks for your reply.


  101. Usha says:

    Hello Zverzdochka,

    Thanks for your reply. Just one more last question.

    our date of births are 27th Nov 1957, 21 Jun 1960, 03 Mar 1986. Does these two number 26 and 27 suit all 3 of us.

    Your help is much appreciated.



  102. Zvezdochka says:

    i would chose 1689 – unity profitable prosperity longevity.
    You can play with numbers yourself.
    Tip1: **89 at the end- these numbers show increasing luck
    Tip2: 1,3,6,7 – all these will be good:)

    if you are cantonese, then number 4 spoils all 888. it sounds like lucky but death at the end.
    i would say it is good because:
    a) three 8 are more then one 4, so have more power:)
    b) 4 looks like family with parents and 2vkids:)
    c) 2 times 4 is lucky 8!

    603 – profit and growth! wow:) choice approved by Zvezdochka.
    Your personal numbers are not analysed as lucky or unlucky.
    They just show what directions you should face while sleeping and working.

    Unfortunately i dont specalise in indian numerology. 7459 is a good number.
    9 is the number for future prosperity
    Mobile number would be great with numbers 8 and 9.
    From the list of numbers you gave, i would chose 9810 and 9818.

    Birth dates are not analysed as lucky or not. All of them are good:)

    Kind regards!!!

  103. Rahul says:

    Hello Zvezdochka,

    According to Elements Theory, number 987139 falls under Constructive Elemental Cycle whereas in Ying Yang Theory, the same has 5:1 ratio (Yang:Ying) which is not balanced. so in this case what should we consider.

  104. Rico says:

    Hello Zvezdochka,

    3288, 3888, 3883, 6888, 6889 which is better car plate number?



  105. Rahul says:

    Hello Zvezdochka,

    Please comment on the mobile no. 997123-7992. I believe there are lot of 9s and the ending of the number is with 2 and total of last four digits comes out to be 9. I have been noticing lots of 7s and 9s presently.

  106. Usha says:

    Hello Zverzdochka,

    You mean the birth dates show what direction we should face while sleeping and working. Can you tell us what directions, we should

    Best Regards


  107. angel says:

    Hi! placement of both the house and the furnitures :-)

  108. angel says:

    is feb 2009 calendar not available yet?

  109. Rico says:

    How about 8998?


  110. Elena says:

    Can you tell me if this is a good number 2117?

  111. Elena says:

    We are looking at a house and the number is 2117 is this a good home address?

  112. Mark says:

    Hi I am in property sales , is: 083 800 2888 a good cell number?

  113. joanne m. says:

    i bought a lot and the lot number is 25 block 10 is it gud or bad…

  114. CG says:

    I am living in 1009 , is this house number is lucky or unlucky. Please let me know

  115. ormocana says:

    hi!Zvezdochka, i wanna know if this 2 numbers is good 9633 and 9138 because we have 2 options for the house.thanks please reply asap.thanks

  116. Linda says:

    if my house number is 08- 414 how to put the red dot? #08-.414. or #08-.4..14.


  117. Tin says:

    Hi, my phone no os 4474000. after reading the meaning of 4. i really wanna change it. whats your opiniion?

  118. Sarah says:

    Hi, We just moved to a new house and the house number is 328, my kua number is 3 and my husband’s kua number is 2 so I was just wondering if its the right number for us. I wanted to know if its good for our relationship because I guess its a good number for business.

  119. Denny says:

    gonna get plate number for my new car. what 181 means? is it good? or better 128 or 178? got accident recently, my car flipped 4 times.

  120. GIRL WITH INTUITION xx says:

    hi, all the serious boyfriends i have been with have mobile/cell phone double numbers, for example, 400 400, or 421 421 in them. And the boyfriends i have had with triple numbers in their cell/mobile numbers, example, 999, 333, that kind of thing, have all cheated on me! Well my boyfriend,the dad of my baby has 400400 in his number and has had this same number since he first got a cell/mobile 10years ago. Since then he has always been in debt and quite depressed, is there any link between the numbers, double numbers and triple number players????? Also i live at flat 55 which i hear is yin energy how can i reverse these energys or stop the bad energys? Please reply…

  121. Bubbly says:

    My home number is 1401 and even in my mobile number their is 14, i am always in tension, please suggest me shall i change my mobile no and how about house no. I can’t change any suggestion, waiting for your prompt reply.

  122. maria says:


    My house no is 14, I was tod that in cantonese 14 is unlucky and means ‘more death’
    What can I do deflect this bad luck?

  123. Zvezdochka says:

    it seems i had a busy month:)

    I will try to reply during these days!

  124. Zvezdochka says:

    i would prefer to analyze with Elements Theory. But usually i just search for number 8 and 9:)that’s all i need to consider number as “good”.
    997123-7992 – i also thing, that too many 9.

    6889. 8998 – also great!

    here is the link to auto calculate your directions:)

    calendar 2009 would not be this year:( the price for the course was much higher and i couldnt visit it. but i found the calendar of Lilian Too, so currently use this one:)

    2117 – calm number. “easy unity for sure”:)

    083 800 2888 – good number. a lot of 8′s that mean luck right now. i personally, would change 0 on 1 or any other number:)

    joanne m,
    its normal:) no special numners here.

    lucky! 1009 – with 9 at the end is “profit in future”. i adore numbers that end with 9.

    9138 is better. but you should chose the house according to its surrounding and your feeling to this house and location. numbers are on the second place here.

    this way #08-.414.

    dont change your phone number because of number 4! you speak english and this number is far from sounding “death”! 4 = “more” in english speaking world, so stay with your number and everything will be fine:)

    your number of the house is lucky, because ends on 8. While Kua numbers just give you the hint to your positive and negative directions (where you should sleep and work). Read here:

    sorry to hear about accident. 181 – unity and current luck. if i had to chose bw 128 and 178, i would take 128.

    double numbers dont cause the problem here. it seems that you just have very “girlish” room. no pictures, where you and your boyfriend together, or some dark tones in the color of the room. i am just guessing, because numbers dont play role here.

    if you feel tension, its not because of the numbers. number 4 means “more” in english. no bad things here. try to clean your house, maybe change the color of your room. make it more calm.

    no reasons to worry:) 4 is like 2 and 2 – couples, friendship, unity. it also sounds like “more”, so if to reverse “more unity”:)


  125. Shuchi says:

    Hi Zvezdochka,
    My birthdate is 5th October and fiance Alex’s is 7th October. We are contemplating moving into a house number 43..
    Any suggestion will be much appreciated.
    Many thanks

  126. Zvezdochka says:

    43 – “more growth”:)so, great choice!

    birth dates are not analyzed as “good or bad numbers”. But you can see good and bad dates for moving to new house and planning “big occations” here:

    All the best!:)

  127. Shuchi says:

    Thanks Zvezdochka:)
    You’re very kind. I feel better now. I was reading up on some horrible stuff about the number “43″ as such and was getting jitters about moving in the house. Was wondering if it might mean failure etc for my fiance who is starting a tiny music school in the same building. Number 43 spelt failure and miseries in a lot of numerological sites, however the guy’s birthdate being 7 , I thought it might just be good at least for him!
    Any light you could throw on the above?
    I’m meanwhile going ahead with your positive information about the house!!:)

  128. Zvezdochka says:

    it’s true that a lot of people think that 4 is bad, but why? because it is just sounds like “death” in cantoneese?!! SO here are details of why i dont believe in this bad 4:
    a) most of us dont speak cantonese, so we shouldnt care about how sounds 4 in their language.
    b) there are numerous languages that can have “bad” sounding of our ordinary things. why dont we care about those languages?
    c)13 – not a word about bad 13 in cantonese…but we think it’s bad.
    so be sure that number 4 wont make any harm!:)
    it’s better to have more attantion on the house, it’s location, inside harmony, etc.


  129. Shuchi says:

    Thank you Zvezdochka,
    Very true about what you said. I agree completely.
    Location..It faces West, the music room would be in the South West. The bed room could either be in North west/ South west/ South east…
    Any suggestions there?

  130. vishal says:

    my exam hall tickets number adds up to 26 is this number good for me i was born on 28/03/1990

  131. hal says:

    is 3800 bad or good numbering???

  132. Darla says:

    We like a house and the number is 6345. Will this house be happy for us? Thank You :)

  133. Anne says:

    My husband and I are about to purchase a home. The house number is 247. It’s a 3 and it seems good. However, my moms culture says 3 is not a good number. What do you think?

  134. Sana says:

    We have recently bought a house at 10th floor.Does 10 sounds good energy

  135. Alex says:

    I am buying a house #1729. Thoughts?
    Thank you!

  136. rach says:

    hi! i just changed my phone no to..626-409-6666.
    is it a bad & unlucky no? everybody is reacting with my new no.and my house no is 2233 Apt 4..what do i have to do to make it a lucky home having the number 4? Please advise..

  137. Vic says:

    I love a house with the address 2341. My mom is concerned because the numbers add to 10 and she says a zero on the end is bad. What do you think of the number?

  138. Zvezdochka says:


    It’s difficult to say what location is better. I should check it at home, with my books:)sorry for such delays!


    26 – easy luck:)so it’s good, but dont forget that numbers – is just the part of the whole luck you have in life. you should learn it any way.


    3800 – great number. i would remove zeros at the end, but still it’s ok:)


    6345 – luck growth more:) sounds good! be sure to improve your other types of luck: home improvement and personal:)


    Each culture has superstitions, but they stay only in stories! all people live in different numbers and different location and it’s ok:)it doesnt mean that all people with 3 houses are unlucky! you will be happy and it doesnt matter what number of the house you will have:) if you like the house inside, its location, and you feel great when you enter it, then buy it! dont look at number;)


    10 – unity:) i think, you have a great view from such floor – it is more important then the number of the floor.


    1729 – unity for sure easy future success:) great number!


    if we add 1+0 it will become without zero, so it will stay 1 that means unity:) you dont have to add numbers, because then you wont stop adding, multiplying, etc. for example, 4 is bad number in cantonese. if we take bad number 44 and add its number it will be 4+4=8. as the result it will become perfect number!so what we should believe in?just dont add:)your mom should worry:)

  139. Eli Portillo says:

    Hi my mom just recently bought an apartment unit. The building faces east which I know is good but we are on the side unit and it is beside a 4 way intersection and diagonally across us is a church(I know it is suppose to be bad luck if you are not of that faith cause churches suck up energy).

    Anyways I still haven’t seen it but the building number is 600 and the unit number is 104. My question is what do those two numbers mean?

    I never see heard of the read dot but I will do that but also for the mailbox numbers

  140. Eli Portillo says:

    Ohh, I forgot to thank you for helping me with this!

  141. Zvezdochka says:

    Eli Portillo,

    Churches have big energy and feng shui says that we need to have calm surrounding. so it is bad just because it has too much energy. so you can just place plants near the window that faces this place or curtains with calm decoration. In China people also place a special mirror outside the house to reflect big energy, but it not advised to use it or use only after feng shui specialist sees your house and knows how and where to hang the mirror.

    Numbers are normal:) 600 – profitable, 104 – more unity.

    Kind regards:)

  142. Eli Portillo says:

    Wow thank you!! I thought 104 would be bad but as you say 4 sounds like “more” in English. I do have the pakua mirror outside my current apartment unit and ever since I bought it and placed it I have had nothing but change in my life…good change like I lost my job but I received a full tuition scholarship which also included living expenses. Feng shui really works but it is something that I just started to learn about.

    Thank you once again for taking the time to help me and ease my mind about the number 104 which I thought would mean something negative in Cantonese

  143. twinkle de guzman says:

    hi! we are buying a house and the numbers are Phase 1 Block 4 Lot 60 is this a good numbers for a house?

  144. Zvezdochka says:

    twinkle de guzman,

    1 – unity,
    4 – more,
    60 – profitable.
    Sounds good:)

  145. JH says:

    How is this number: 6819? Can you come up a Chinese phrase with this number for me to remember? Thanks.

  146. Zvezdochka says:


    sorry, but dont know Chinese to help you with the phrase to remember.

    But here what the number means:)

  147. Brian says:

    Is 604 a good address for me, the house is facing west and matches my Kua number direction, and the garage is on the right hand side and the house is white brick so everything is good but I was wondering about the house number…thanks :) Brian Peace

  148. Zvezdochka says:


    604 – more profitable. Good number:)

  149. jc says:

    I bought a lot 2 block 6 area. is this good?

  150. Zvezdochka says:


    The number of bought items are not analysed as good or bad. If these areas have numbers, then we can see:)

  151. Vda says:

    Zvezdochka, please suggest a few 3-digits combinations for a vehicle licence plate for love & success.I am divorced with my boyfriend and moving to other country.

  152. Zvezdochka says:


    The numbers that start with 1,2,3,6 and 8 or a combination will always sound lucky.

    I would use:
    1 – becasue it’s UNITY
    8 – current luck
    9 – future luck

    918, etc.

    good luck:)

  153. Vda says:

    thank you:)

  154. Ppt says:

    Please advise if 5735 house number is good or bad. Thank you.

  155. ANNIE says:

    whenever i check the time, its either , 11:11, or 4:44, what does it mean?


  156. Zvezdochka says:


    5735 is good number. 5 means “nothing”, but 7 with 3 mean “certainly growth”. So, numbers 5 at the beginning and the end give balance to this number:)


    Don’t be serious about such combinations:) They just mean that you have balanced life, may be you just need to add spice to life. You can start visiting some courses or you can just visit old frieds, relatives:)

  157. ANNIE says:

    thanks for your reply.. i wasnt expecting i’d get a reply right away, i thought it wld take at least a day or two… i also want to know the meaning of our address.. 66, a lot of people say its not a good combination.. is it true?

  158. Heather says:

    Thanks for these posts- very helpful! I wanted to know your take on 319?

    Thank you!

  159. Zvezdochka says:


    it usually takes a couple of days to reply:) sunny day gave me a hint that your question is waiting for immediate reply:)
    6 means profitable in cantonese,
    66 is ok (i just found info about the route 66)
    666 – The Number of the Beast is described in the Book of Revelation 13:17-18. I am not strong in understanding bible, but it is vivid that 666 is said to be unlucky due to the bible’s words.
    If we analyse 666 according to feng shui it means a lot of metal. It is bad, because all elements (earth, water, wood, metal and fire) should be balanced. But if we take only the meaning of number 6, then 666 will be a “huge profit”. I would analyse all numbers with positive effect:)

    319 – growth unity and future luck:)I love number 9!!!

  160. Heather says:

    thank you so much!!! Perfect for my first house number :)

  161. ANNIE says:

    hello again.. you just made my day with your positive reply… thanks a bunch… :)

  162. Zvezdochka says:

    I love you all sooo much)))))

  163. al says:

    Hi there,

    A great entry you have! Just a question, the next apartment that I am renting is number 44, I have tried looking at other apartments but they are all not as nice as this one! I was hoping that you help me with ways to make the situation better? Is there anything else I can do other than the 3 methods you suggested at the bottom of you post? Thanking you in advance for your help and time.

  164. Zvezdochka says:


    you dont to need to cure this number:)
    it sounds bad if you speak cantonese and belive in this. But you speak english, and people here are more afraid of 13, then 4. 44 sounds like “more and more”:)4 also can mean a family parents and two kids. If you like this apartment and you feel comfortable there, then you know what to do;) it will bring luck if your intuition says that it’s a good room:)

  165. Ppt says:

    Thank you for your response. I feel better. You are so logical. (post 157)

  166. Ppt says:

    Hello again,
    The digits in number 5735 add up to 2. Should I worry since I read somewhere that 2 is considered not as auspicious? Would your explanation in post 159 take precedence? Thank you.

  167. Zvezdochka says:


    you dont have to add numbers, because then you wont stop adding, multiplying, etc. for example, 4 is bad number in cantonese. if we take bad number 44 and add its number it will be 4+4=8. as the result it will become perfect number!so what we should believe in?just dont add:)

    number 2 is bad in “flying stars”. it is rather difficult to understand. i know only basics, after attending cources. You can read here more detailed about number 2 (was in northwest in 2008).

  168. soni says:

    Question for Zvezdochka:
    We are looking for a house and were wondering what house numbers will be good for us.We liked two houses with numbers 120 and 55. What are the meanings of these numbers and will they be good for us. My husband’s dob is 30-6-1974 and mine is 31-8-1974.
    Please advise.

  169. soni says:

    Just want to correct mu DOB in the question I just asked you.. my dob is 31-8-1973 not 31-8-1974…

  170. tinker says:

    we’re moving to our new house on may 2,2009,is it a good date? and our house # is 39,any good?

  171. kim says:

    I need to find a address, below 3610. it means starting 3608 and down.
    I wonder among thoses numbers wich one is good. number 3600, 3582, 3528, or another number that you can recommend me. Thank you.

  172. ivy says:

    i bought condos with numbers 1924 and 2905. what do they mean… are they good numbers? also, i live now at flat D 16th floor, is this a good one? thank you.

  173. soni says:

    Hi Zvezdochka:
    Please reply on this question asap..
    We are looking for a house and were wondering what house numbers will be good for us.We liked two houses with numbers 120 facing NE and 55 facing South. What are the meanings of these numbers and will they be good for us. My husband’s dob is 30-6-1974 and mine is 31-8-1973.
    Please advise…

  174. amy says:

    how is the number 818-1013? does it mean anything specific?

  175. Zvezdochka says:


    choose 120 with NE.
    it will be personal growth for husand and health for you.

    i will answer all other visitors in the nearest days!!! sorry for delays, personal issues.

  176. soni says:

    Thanks Zvezdochka.

  177. Xuan says:

    Hi, I would like to change my phone number and would like to know which number is better.


    Please let me know. Thank you very much! :)

  178. Billy says:

    Hi, I have a cellphone number 7923534592 which I have had for over a year but I recently got a second number 7552177122, which number should I choose for luck? Thank you.

  179. Zvezdochka says:


    Happy Arriving:)
    39 is a great number – growth and future success:)

    3600 – is not quite banalced, because 00 at the end.
    3528 – great number. number 8 is current success.
    The numbers that start with 1,2,3,6 and 8 or a combination will always sound lucky. E.g., 3388, 3189,3819,etc:)i would take with 8-current success, 9-future success and 1 – unity. different combinations of these will be good:)

    the number of the floor doesnt mean anything, but feng shui advises to be closer to the first floors, nature. But if you have a great view, then it’s terrific!:)
    1924(unity, future luck, easy and more) and 2905 (easy future luck) Both a good:)

    818-1013. Great number! two numbers 8 – current luck and three numbers 1 – unity:)

    both numbers look fab!
    i would choose the first one. it has calm part with numbers 3, but the second one is also really great! choose what you feel is better:)

    two numbers are great. first one has benefit, because 9 is future luck, but second number seems more balanced. I dont even know what number i would choose. I think that 2nd number is better, balance is really good thing:)

  180. Soni says:

    Hi Zvezdochka,

    I asked you earlier if I should choose between the house numbers 120 or 55.. 120 facing NE and 55 facing South.. I have another question.. could you please give me the details on if these numbers are lucky or not:
    We are looking for a house right now.. the house with number 55 facing south is really designed very good.. I liked it.. but am not able to make decision as it is facing south and moreover its lot size is not a rectangular o square shaped.. its narrow at the front..and really wide at the back with a pointed(triangular at the very end)..its in the corner of a curve..
    we just saw another house with no. 161 facing NW.. how should it be..
    As I told you before, my husband’s dob is 30-6-1974 and mine is 31-8-1973.. I will really appreciate your help.. please explain to me in detail.


  181. Carolyn says:

    Can you tell me if my cellphone number 7552177111 is lucky or not please? Thank you.

  182. Rohini says:


    I want to know if number 523 is good for a license plate and no 7 is a good number for a house.


  183. kristin says:

    hi just wanting to know what if house number 31 is good or bad?
    thank you

  184. Carolyn says:

    I forgot to mention my backup number which is 7840666267, thank you.

  185. Yacob says:

    I like to know whether my business telephone number is good or not.

    The number is:
    8239898 and 8236898

    IF both number are good, please tell me which number is more good?

  186. Guru prasad says:

    Please any body sugest my name is Guru prasad is there any need to change my name … for good time

  187. Jen says:

    I would like to know if the house number 2236 is a good number. Thanks

  188. Glen says:


    I am looking at buying a house with the address ’5052′ is this auspicous? According to another website, the numbers 5 and 2 are to be avoided, but then I read that it is auspicious? Please help, thanks!

  189. Wizard says:

    hi, building a new house and have to choose the address number. constraints: must be an odd number between 505 and 587. any suggestions? thanks!

  190. soni says:

    Hi Zvezdochka,

    Please advise me on the following question..

    I asked you earlier if I should choose between the house numbers 120 or 55.. 120 facing NE and 55 facing South.. I have another question.. could you please give me the details on if these numbers are lucky or not:
    We are looking for a house right now.. the house with number 55 facing south is really designed very good.. I liked it.. but am not able to make decision as it is facing south and moreover its lot size is not a rectangular or square shaped.. its narrow at the front..and really wide at the back with a pointed(triangular at the very end)..its in the corner of a curve..
    As I told you before, my husband’s dob is 30-6-1974 and mine is 31-8-1973.. I will really appreciate your help.. please explain to me in detail.


  191. Zvezdochka says:

    Hi everybody:) Let’s start:)

    The house that is shaped like triangular is really not good and no numbers will make it better. You can take it only if you can place plants in the yard, so that corners of the house+plants will make a square. But it’s complicated and really the best way is to invite feng shui specialist.
    161 – is great number “double unity and luck”
    The priority when choosing house should be:
    1.surrounding of the house
    2.its shape
    3.inside placement (do you feel its comfortable or not)
    4.main door direction
    5.number (i wouldn’t count it at all, when choosing house)

    both numbers a good and balanced.
    7552177111 – interesting number with a lot of unity:)
    7840666267 – this looks also good:) a lot of profit.

    523 – good number “easy growth”.
    7 – “for sure”. Good number with bit of mistery:) for sure what?:) you will choose:)

    31 – great number:) growth and unity.

    both numbers a very good! i would choose second one…it has 6 – additional lucky number:)
    8239898 and 8236898
    they have lucky 8(current luck) and 9 (future luck)

    Guru prasad,
    The name is not really feng shuied. I think it’s better to concentrate on feng shui of the house:)

    2236 – twice easy luck and growth:) i think it’s great!

    5 and 2 numbers are inauspicious in flying stars. They are calculated by feng shui specialists. Difficult to explain in comments. You can read it here:
    But even according to “good and bad numbers” such combination 5052 is not very good. 5 – “not” and 2 – “easy”. Result: “not easy”.

    dont choose 5 with number 2. The best friend for the number 5 is the unlucky 4. So, you can take 541, 543, etc.:)

  192. Tulip says:

    Hi! My husband and i will be moving to a condo soon. The unit number is B-08-03 which is block B, 8th floor and unit number 3. Do we consider the condo number as number 3 or we have to sum up the numbers as B=2+8+3 = 13 = 4. How bad can number 13/4 be? We are newly married and hope the place we are going to move in will be good for us.

  193. Zvezdochka says:

    Hi Tulip,

    You dont need to sum up the numbers. So, 8 and 3 are good numbers:)

    13 and 4 are just numbers. Many people in Europe live on the 13th floor or appartment #13 and they are happy and everything is ok. The same thing with unlucky 4 in cantonese. I think, it is more superstition and fear that it can be bad, but numbers are good:) They dont make any harm:)

    Good luck!

  194. Vida says:


    We just bought a car (red in color) with plate number 585. I told my husband that it seems like not a lucky number. So what he did was add a number 8 in black color. But I just read in your article that 5 and 8 is not a good combination. What can you advise, then?

    Thank you very much. More power

  195. Patricia De Guzman says:

    Hi! Please advice which apartment unit number is better, 209 or 202. 202 unit is really nice but i am worried that when you add them, it will sum to 4 which is considered unlucky. Please please i need to know asap. Thanks!

  196. Tina says:

    Hi I was just wondering my partner and I are looking at leasing a building to have our preschool in and the address is 215, is that a lucky number? I know it adds up to be a 8 and that’s a good number, but was just curious. Thank You

  197. Mike Reilly says:

    Hi. We are looking at purchasing a house that is number 42. Also when you walk from the front door you can view the rear glass doors/windows. Is this bad Feng Shui.
    Thanks. Mike

  198. Glen says:

    Ahhh! Thanks for the quick reply about the 5052 as a house number. Zvezdochka, are there any cures for the house number, if it represents “not easy”? The rest of the house, in terms of location, the good fortune of the previous owners, floorplan, etc is excellent. Is there a way to at least neutralize the energy, or offset it? Thank you

  199. Glen says:

    Update- I decided not to go any further with the purchase of the house with the 5052… it just didn’t feel right. I am the most rational person, and to even talk about this on an internet forum is not like me. I am looking at a 2828 or an 8 house for sale, and my current place is 2820…

  200. BABY says:

    To whom that may concern

    The house iam going to buy is number 9400. what does it mean? how it add up? does it add up to 13 or 4? if so is that bad or good?

    Please let me know, i am greatly appreciated,
    Thank you

  201. Chris Harris says:

    Hi there,

    There are two apartments for sale on the street that I like. The postcode for both apartments is 81109.

    The building for the first apartment has the street Number 1. On the property ownership certificate, this apartment has the number 6 but this number will not be mentioned in the address.

    The second apartment in another building has the street number 3 and the apartment number on the property ownership certificate is the Number 9. Just like the first apartment, the number 9 will not be mentioned in the address.

    What do I do here?
    1) Do I consider the building Number (1 or 3)
    2) Do I consider the apartment numbers (6 or 9)
    3) Add the postcode with the building number (8+1+1+9+1 = 20 = 2) which means 2 for the first apartment and (8+1+1+9+3 = 4) 4 for the second apartment??

    Your advice is highly appreciated.


  202. Glen says:

    Okay, I’m not making this up. I thought this was a bunch of balony, and my gf gave me a very hard time about giving up a perfect house over the house number. I talked to my mom and brother in law about it, then thought I was being silly. I went back to the house I bid on ’5052′ to see if it was the house for me or not.

  203. Glen says:

    So, I decided to go back to the house in the evening just now… and it looked great. Just as I remembered. As I was across the way, on the sidewalk, thinking this stuff was superstitious about the house number and was about to change my mind about the house, I saw a totally dead bird at my feet. It startled me, and was a sign. Needless to say, thank you so much Zvechdocka for helping me and my family, I feel like I dodged a bullet!

  204. Jayde says:

    Are these bad numbers for a house: 26474 and then #14 ???

  205. Patrick Newell says:

    We have a new phone number, 866-4800. While it appears that all the numbers and zeros are fine except for the four, is it possible that the four with the eight is a good thing as in “prosperous death” of death prosperous?

  206. Ivan says:

    hi please pick one for me.. :D
    which is the best number combination?

    0817 626285
    0817 434360
    0818 482688
    0818 262788

    thanks…. ^^

  207. Zvezdochka says:


    you are right: 585 doesnt sound good in cantonese. But numbers are bad only if you believe that they can bring harm. I would consentrate on 8 in this number. It means “current success”:) While 5 and 5 near number 8 make the number balanced.

    Patricia De Guzman,
    sorry for the delay. Don’t add numbers!They are great as they are:) So, don’t worry, your numbers are good:)

    Don’t add numbers:) 215 – “easy unity”.

    Mike Reilly,
    42 – more and easy. neutral number:)Glass doors are not very good, because the energy will flow away, but you can easily close it with the beautiful curtain or something else.

    I don’t think that you need to do something with such number!:) If you say “location, the good fortune of the previous owners, floorplan, etc is excellen”, then all these are MUCH MORE important and powerful then the number. The number won’t be bad in such feng shui house. If you analyse the number by its elements, then 5 and 2 are earth and this means stability. Then this number becomes great:)
    2828 – easy prosperity. This is your choice:) Choose what you like more and what house you feel is more comfortable for you:) Everything will be fine:)

    dont add numbers to analyse their luck. 9400 is good number, because 9 means future success and 4 sounds like “more” in English:)

    Chris Harris,
    1) Dont add numbers. 81109 – is great number with 8 (current luck), 1 (unity) and 9 (future luck).
    2) Apartment number can be considered and the perfect choice would be 8 and 9.
    3)Building number – dont concider. Just choose the building and appartment that you feel will be comfortable for you. When you enter the app. you should feel “Yes, I like it:)”

    26474 – “easy luck more for sure more”. sounds funny at the end))) i like it!
    14 – “unity and more”, so good:)

    Patrick Newell,
    4 is death in cantonese, and we speak english, so 4 will sound like “more”. You have a great number with “more prosperity” meaning.

    I like these two:
    0818 482688
    0818 262788
    I would take 0818 482688, because i like even numbers:)

    Good luck:)

  208. soni says:

    Hi Zvezdochka,

    How is number 43? This house is facing NE.. but the number is 43 .. I’m not sure if it is good for us or not..Please advise

  209. soni says:

    Hi Zvezdochka,

    I just gave you the wrong direction in my last question.. House no. is 43 and it is facing SW.. my dob is 31-1ug-1973 and my husband’s dob is 30-06-1974.. Please advise if 43 is good and if SW facing house will be good for us?

  210. Anne says:

    Hi Zvezdochka,

    How is number 48? This house is facing NW.. but the number is 48 .. I’m not sure if it is good for us or not..Please advise,Thanks

  211. Naito says:

    I have a question, I have been being haunted by the numbers 403, everytime I look at the clock its 4:03 am or pm(is a night time person). I also have been listening to a song that has the numbers 403 in it. I have a feeling that it is trying to tell me something, but I am not sure what it might be, so I am hoping you can tell me what the numbers mean. If you could please give me an answer soon that would help me alot. Please and thank you ^-^

  212. kreshnan says:

    What does these number say :
    5583 = ?
    5538 = ?
    8355 = ?

    e.g 85= sure to prosper

  213. Roshan says:

    7190088 this mobile number good or bad? can you tell me the meaning?

  214. Roshan says:

    which number is good?

    7190088 or 7182929 ??

    need help.

  215. Roshan says:

    which number is good?

    7190088 or 7182929 or 8244888 ?

    need help.

  216. Roshan says:

    which number is good?

    7190088 or 7182929 or 7196869 or 8244888?
    1st choice? 2nd choice and 3 choice?

    need help.

  217. Lavida says:

    I like to know the meaning for my mobile fone number..


  218. mamta says:

    hi hows the number 504 for a flat

  219. mamta says:

    hi hows the number 504 for a flat

  220. Amir says:

    May i know the meaning for 7176888? is it good number?

  221. ELIZABETH PENA says:


  222. Howard says:

    Hello, how about a house number with just 4? I’m going to buy a house with this number. I know it sounds bad in cantonese but ok in English.

  223. saisri says:

    I am planning to buy a house in LA ,CA. i want to know wether NUMBER 8 is good or not … one property number is 530 and other property number is 3016 which is best ???

  224. Trev says:

    Hi there,
    We are purchasing a home and the address is :
    Phase 1 Block 2 Lot 27.
    Is my wife mobile no: 6895-9898 good?
    Mine is: 9657-4305

    Your opinion will be highly appreciated.
    Kind regards,

  225. LORNA says:


  226. William says:

    Hi there,
    Can you please give me your opinion for these four mobile numbers?
    843167583 I am concerned about the 58 = no prosperity.
    544548856 I am concerned about the 56 – no luck.
    733553007 and finally 851993319.

    Thank you.

  227. TSC says:

    Hi, I just bought a house with the number 240. May I know how bad this number is?

  228. Brian says:

    Is 6949 a good address for a SW facing house

  229. William says:

    Can you please give me your opinion on four mobile numbers they are 843167583 concerned about 58 (no prosperity), 544548856 concerned about 56 (no luck), 851993319 and 733553007.

  230. doris says:

    For a car plate number, 588 and 2399, which one is better and sound more lucky?

  231. Srinu says:

    Can you please give me your opinion for these four mobile numbers?
    961.888.0328 concerned about 0328
    950.219.1328 concerned it.
    970.328.3388 concerned about 970

  232. ranjana says:

    hi at present i am living in the house no. 74, as you advised it is sure to death no. we try to move to no 36. is it good for us? (as my family contains all our DOB are no:3-6, 4-7, 5-8, 4=8, 8-1. can you pls. let me know. thanks!!!!!!

  233. ranjana says:

    hi at present i am living in the house no. 74, as you advised it is sure to death no. we try to move to no 36. is it good for us? (as my family contains all of our DOB are no:3-6, 4-7, 5-8, 4=8, 8-1. can you pls. let me know. thanks!!!!!!

    what about 406? any good?

  234. Ameh says:

    Hi Can you please tell which is a better apartment number. 109 0r 113?


  235. Zvezdochka says:


    43 is good – more growth:)


    48 – more current luck. great number!


    403 – means more growth, so you dont need to worry:)


    5583 = not prosperous and growth
    5538 = no growth and not prosperous
    8355 = prosperity and growth. This one is the best!


    7190088 – for sure unity and prosperity:)

    7182929 – for sure unity, prosperity, easily future luck.

    7196869 – for sure unity, future luck, profitable and again future luck.

    8244888 – prosperity, easy and more prosperity.


    7178787 – Certainly unity and prosperity:)


    504 – not more:) neutral number.


    7176888 – surtainly unity, profit and a lot of prosperity


    you dont need to worry at all! you have two strongest numbers here…9 – future luck and 8 – current luck. and the number also has unity betweem them. I think the numner is perfect:)


    I like number 4:) My parents just bought the house with number 144, so great number:) I think the more important thing is the surronding and the feeling inside the house, then its number.


    first of all choose the house that you like, dont choose according to numbers:) 503 – not growth, 3016 – growth, profit and unity. according to sounding, 3016 is better, but i would equally advise both:)


    you have a lot of 8 and 9 numbers:) they mean luck in present and future. great numbers!


    40 means more, so its ok:) As for the direction of the house, it depends on the year of living and changes each time. Just face your positive directions:)


    i think numbers are good, because you have more good combinations inside, then bad:)you dont need to worry about this one combination inside. numbers are lucky:)


    240 – easy and more:) interesting number, i like it!


    Directions are not connected to numbers, so the number is good and means future prosperity and more:) you can choose what MORE do you want!


    2399 is better – easy growth and future luck:)


    “961.888.0328 concerned about 0328″ – 0328 means growth and easy current luck:)
    “950.219.1328 concerned it.” has unity, present and future prosperity:)
    “970.328.3388 concerned about 970.” – 970 means future luck for sure:)
    they all are good!


    36 – growth and profitable:)
    you dont need to worry about the numbers, if you have comfortable house! my parents bought house with number 144 just because felt that the house is great!:)

    i would choose 109 – unity and future luck
    113 is also ok. unity and growth:)

  236. Zvezdochka says:

    Sorry for delays!

    I love you all:) Hope replies helped you!

    Have a great day!

  237. DIVYA says:

    Hi, I’m planning to buy a house and just wondering how to calculate the fraction. If I plan to buy a town house,th number is 1/5. So is the total number(1+5=6) or 1.

    Could you please clarify me?

  238. Zvezdochka says:


    you dont need to add numbers.
    so you have 1 that means unity:)

  239. cnws says:

    concerned about them.
    may there are lucky or not..
    thanks at advance

  240. DIVYA says:

    Thanks Zvezdochka.
    I’m planning to buy a house. SO which door number is good to buy, my dob is 13/5/80 and my husband’s 09/01/78.
    My parents tell me 4 & 6 are good numbers. My husband’s parents tell 3 & 6 are good numbers. So bit confused.
    Also how about the combinations like 13(1+3=4), 22, 51, 33etc.,

    Which number should I look for..

    Please help.

  241. lisa says:

    hi there – we’re looking at buying a house – it’s address is 47 – is that a good or bad combination? and i am not cantonese. thanks!

  242. srinu says:

    Thanks Zvezdochka,

    First Time,
    I am going buy Two Wheeler for me,
    My DOB ” 11-07-1981″
    Could you please.. suggest me a Great Number for a License Plate.. I hopes on your valuable Suggestion.

    Please Help..

  243. obsese says:

    Hello, just would like to ask… My husband and I are planning to buy a house.. Blk 15. lot 41… are these numbers good or bad? thanks..

  244. obsese says:



  245. ranjana says:

    Hi ya
    finally we have decided to move in house which carries the no. 239 . is it good for us? (as my family contains all of our DOB are no:3-6, 4-7, 5-8, 4=8, 8-1. can you pls. let me know. thanks!!!!!! if it is not good any fengshui will be recommended? Thanks a million

  246. Soni says:

    Hi Zvezdochka,

    Your advice is required asap. I just wanted to ask you if house numbered 26 is good for us. It was built in 2001, is facing NE,almost close towards North direction, there might be a very small difference between the actual NE direction it pints to and the north direction.. should we consider it is in North direction.. My DOB is 31-8-1973 and my husband’s dob is 30-6-1974.. any feng shui advise will be appreciated..
    please advise asap.. as we have to make a decision soon..

  247. Zvezdochka says:


    996.699.5356 – future luck, profitable, no growth and not profitable. There are more postive combinations, so the number is lucky:)
    964.271.2778 – future luck, profitable, more, easy and for sure unity and current luck.
    i like the first one more.


    don’t add numbers. it’s not correct.
    4 and 6 – more profitable
    3 and 6 – growth and profitable
    there is no difference here, so you can choose the number you feel that you like more:) i like both!


    47 – more for sure:) it’s good number:)


    The numbers that start with 1,2,3,6 and 8 or a combination will always sound lucky.
    E.G.: 8, 18, 28, 38, 48, 54, 68, 80, 84, 88, 99, 168 & 108 are all good numbers.
    You can choose which you like:)


    15 – unity:)
    41 – more unity:)
    you will have a lot of unity. that’s great!


    239 – easy growth and future luck. perfect choice))


    26 – easy profit. great number!
    as for the directions, just place your bed toward your positive directions (kua numbers):)

  248. kanwar says:

    sir my house no is 1403 , i found it to unlucky with my experiences please suggest some cure please reply

  249. srinu says:

    Hi Zvezdochka,

    I’m a Creative Web Designer, need to take new mobile numbers for My Luck, Business & Happy Life, Here attach Mobile Numbers.

    961.888.0328 &

    Could you Please Suggest me.. which was suit for my Entire Luck & Business. ASAP.

    I am very grateful to you.

  250. constance says:

    hi, just recently changed all my phone numbers and am wondering how they are? KINDLY ADVICE. 875-5486; 875-3169 and 445-8428 thank you so very much.

  251. Zvezdochka says:


    1403 means unity and more growth. no need to worry:)


    961.889.6888 – i would choose this one:) it looks very harmonised. (future success, profit, unity, current luck)
    961.888.0328 – future success, profit, unity, current luck, growth, easy current luck
    970.091.5328 – future success, for sure future success, unity, growth and easy current success.


    875-5486 – current luck and for sure more current luck and profit
    875-3169 – current luck and for sure growth, unity, profit and future success
    445-842 – more current luck and more easy
    all are good:)

  252. Valerio says:

    Can you please explain the meaning of the number 458?

  253. Jimmi says:

    Dear zvezdochka,
    I’d like to ask for your help commenting on some number of my properties. I got three phones number:

    And I also have 2 cars with lisence plate 706 and 1211.
    What do you think of those numbers?
    Zillion thanks in advance for your kindly advises.

  254. dOoBiX says:

    Hi Zvezdochka, what do you think of 9978108?

  255. yna says:

    hi there? I have read that number 24 is a bad number? My birthday is on 24th of August I am just wondering if, do u think it is the reason why I always have bad luck? if so what I am suppose to do to prevent this bad luck since i’ll be carrying this no? nor be able to change this for the rest of my live.

    hope to hear from u.tnx

  256. DIVYA says:

    I found a house with door number 2. Is the number good?
    Could you please clarify me?

  257. soni says:

    Hi Zvezdochka,

    What if you like the inside and out side of your house but it is not facing one of your good directions..We just saw a house that we really liked but our concerns are the following:
    1. it is facing SE direction (my husband’s dob is 30-6-1974 and mine is 31-8-1973)
    2. its a pie shaped lot, smaller at the front and wider at the back
    3. its number is 43
    4. its on power of sale from bank.. should a house on power of sale be bought or not.. if it wasn’t good for the previous family would it be good for us..

    Please advise on our concerns asap, I would really appreciate that.

    With Thanks,

  258. Ziana says:

    Hi Zvezaochka,

    is 8178 good number for a licence flat number? what does it means

  259. Samantha says:

    Is 648 good for a house number?

  260. peter says:

    could you verify this number is good or bad and what it mean.

  261. rita says:

    hello i always see 420 and something bad happens or i feel alot of bad energy can u help me out been going on since i was a child

  262. soni says:

    Hi Zvezdochka,

    What if you like the inside and out side of your house but it is not facing one of your good directions..We just saw a house that we really liked but our concerns are the following:
    1. it is facing SE direction (my husband’s dob is 30-6-1974 and mine is 31-8-1973)
    2. its a pie shaped lot, smaller at the front and wider at the back
    3. its number is 86 and there’s another with number 84
    4. its on power of sale from bank.. should a house on power of sale be bought or not.. if it wasn’t good for the previous family would it be good for us..
    5.How about a house facing sw with house number..

    Please advise on our concerns as soon as possible, I would really appreciate that.

    With Thanks,

  263. soni says:

    Hi Zvezdochka,

    Please advise me on my previous mail as soon as possible.
    I appreciate your help and advise.


  264. Paul says:

    Hi Zvezdochka, this is an interesting post, thanks for putting it up. I have a question about a home we just bought. Its number is 974. The last two digits obviously don’t sound so good, but we’re mandarin (not cantonese) speakers and we dont really believe in such things anyway. But I am curious whether the 9 balances out the 74 or exacerbate it? Or … we should just be happy that we like everything else about the house :)

  265. Zvezdochka says:


    458 – more current luck


    8561812454 – current luck, profitable, unity, easy more.
    8119847377 – current and future luck, unity, more, for sure growth
    32537963 – for sure easy growth and future luck
    706 – for sure profitable
    1211 – easy unity


    9978108 – for sure future and current luck and unity


    Millions of people are born on the 24th, so do you think that all of them are unlucky? They all are different, because all is in our mind. The meaning is “easy more”, so it means that you can choose what do you want more:) Don’t need to worry! Everything would be ok, and your birth day is fine:)


    2 – easy:)


    If this house was bad for the previous family, then don’t take risk. If you want to try, then you need to hire feng shui specialist that will see what you can do to change the luck. Usually the entrance door is replaced or the house’s walls,rooms


    8178 – for sure current luck, unity.


    648 – profitable and more current luck


    0168055877 – unity, profitable, current luck for sure.
    0195888398 – unity, future and a lot of current luck. I like this one more:)


    420 means “more and easy”, so no need to worry:) Maybe this number is good for you! And you are scared because of your thoughts that it might be bad? The number is ok:)


    974 – for sure more future luck

  266. hash says:

    car plate 699 or 638… is it lucky? which is better?

  267. hash says:

    and how about 618 for car plate?

  268. hash says:

    can you tell the meanings of those car plate? we are also planning to move for another apartment/house. when is the luckiest date?

  269. Izzy says:

    how are these numbers > 289, 608 4850, and 729 2345? thank you.

  270. james says:

    how about this number

  271. kiranaditya says:

    my birth date 8-12-1970 and my house no 8, 8 th cross is it a good no does it match with my birth date.please let me know.

  272. byt says:

    How about the numbers 195,808, 0301, and 92293506?
    Are they lucky or unlucky number combinations? Thanks.

  273. Zvezdochka says:


    699 – profitable and future luck
    638 – profitable growth and future luck – this is better:)
    618 – profitable unity and current luck – this number is also good
    You can see auspicious dates on


    289, 608 4850, and 729 2345
    289 – easy current and future luck
    608 4850 – profitable and current luck more current luck and nothing. zeros are not very good, but it is ok if the number is balanced. it is ok here:)
    729 2345 – fore sure easy future luck easy growth
    all are good:)


    0168142678 – this is better:)
    0165875162 – number five means “nothing”. not bad, but not good.


    8 means current luck, so it’s ok. but feng shui doesn’t match house with the person.


    195 – “nothing” at the end, so the number is neutral.
    808 – best number!
    0301 – easy unity
    92293506 – good number:) easy future luck and profit

  274. charlie says:

    thanks for all of your help! there is a number that pops up in my life for the last 15 years or so, it is 329. I have been trying to find out if there is some meaning for this number, but I have never found any. I know 327 has a good meaning and 328 is good for business, but does 329 mean anything? I am glad that numbers that end in 9 are lucky. Thanks for the help

  275. Fiona says:

    hi, my shoplot number is 14-01-03, is it bad? Another thing is main entrance of the shoplot is facing tree, any cure? The entrance door is big but the size of tree is medium. I’m going to start my business (biscuit shop), will it affect my business.

  276. Jayesh says:

    Hi Zverzdochka,

    Do you think unit number 1903 in tower 1B is unlucky ? It totals to 13 which totals to 4 which i understand from your notes stands for death.


  277. Billy says:

    Can you please tell me which of these cellphone numbers is better luck I already use 544548856 and I am thinking of changing to 928265250 what are your thoughts?

  278. Diana says:

    hai how about this number 0169756046

  279. peter says:

    5 in mandrin (wu=wo=me=I) is same as I,ME but in cantonese it sound like not(EM).So which is The correct meaning ? Do we just choose mandrin or cantonese inteperation.
    thank for reply.

  280. chin says:

    Good day to you.

    Would like to kindly enquire whether are these three numbers good i.e. 9982, 8299 and 4435? Thank you very much for your kind attention and advice.


  281. Zvezdochka says:


    329 – growth and easy future success:)


    14-01-03 – unity and more growth. Great number for the shoplot. The tree is not very good here. Try to make the entrance inviting, so that the tree won’t stop the look and desire to enter.


    4 means death in cantonese. We are not cantonese, so why should we bother about other translations?Every word can sound bad when translated to different language, so I mean that everything is ok if you have 4 in your life:)Don’t add numbers, because it will be different number that means different.
    1903 – unity, future success and growth:)


    544548856 – more current luck and profit
    92826525 – future luck, easy current luck, profit
    They are almost similar, I wouldn’t change the number in this case. First number looks more balanced and harmonious. Choose what you feel is better:)


    0169756046 – unity, more profit, future luck, prosperity. Great number:)


    In this post I used cantonese meanings. But I think we should believe in what these numbers mean on our language:)


    9982 and 8299 – easy future and current luck. The change of words don’t change the meaning. They both are good:)
    4435 – more growth.
    All are good:) I liked 9982.

  282. peter says:

    Thanks for your replied.So we should follow what the number mean in our language.So we should follow the positive meaning of the number.

  283. Steven says:

    Dear Zvezdochka,

    My wife and I are planning on buying a house. The house number is 36 and the postal code is 85635. Are the numbers good?

    Does the postal code sound bad? i.e. 85=not prosperous, 635 = NO growth??

    Thanks for your advice!


  284. debbie says:

    Hello Zvezdochka,

    I want to move my internet retail business from the warehouse district to the retail district. For the last five years internet sales have been plentiful and now I am ready to expand into the local market.

    Current address is 1223. New address would be 214 or possibly 214A. 214 equals 7 and this has me worried. What is the postive meaning for 214?

    Thank you!

  285. chin says:

    Many thanks to Zvezdochka for your answers. Deeply appreciated.


  286. obsese says:

    Dear Zvezdochka,

    Thanks for the reply :-) more power :-)


  287. rupinder says:

    hello!zvezdochka my house no is 13 and my van no is796 my dob is 31aug 1976 my husband dob is 18 dec 1972 our lot no is 243 we scare from no 13 thats why we didnot put the number on house tell me about the house number how can we cure it and put on the house and is my car number is good or not and my phone number is (905)654-2284 is good or not what about two times four in it give me advice on 5oct 2009 because we are going out.

  288. Jose Ramos says:

    Hello Svezdochka. Would you suggest two or three 2-digit numbers I could use on a race car that will mean constant victory?

  289. Divya says:

    Hello zvezdochka,
    I bought a land (lot no 67 and street no 18).
    Please advise is this good number?

    I planned to build a house. My block runs South-west to North-east.

    So can I have my alfresco at the top right corner, so that I can have enough light?

    Please clarify this as well.
    Thanks in advance.

  290. Daisy says:

    Hi Zvezdochka,

    which No. is best for a flat from the below options-
    1. 140, Building Number 23825. West facing.

    2. 138 , Building number 23825. North facing.

    3. 153 , Building number 22555. North facing.

    Please advise!!

  291. Daisy says:

    I forgot to mention the kua number for me is 4 and my husband is 6. The apartment we are seeing is for rent.

    Look forward to your reply!!
    Many Thanks.

  292. Zvezdochka says:


    36 – profitable and growth
    56 – not profitable. the 5 in the end doesnt deny something, while 5 in the middle denies profit, but you have profit in the house number:) Minimum you will have stable profit:)

    debbie ,

    214 – easy unity and more:)
    good luck in business!


    sorry for the delay! couldnt answer before 5th october. In such cases just email me to gmail. you can see it in “About” page.
    Why are we so scared of 13? I know people who have 13 as there lucky number! and they dont look like demons:)Moreover 13 means unity and growth in cantonese:)
    796 – prosperity, future luck and profit!

    Jose Ramos,

    78 – for sure current luck:)
    789 – for sure current and future luck.


    67 – profitable for sure
    18 – unity and current luck
    Regarding alfresco – yes you can:)


    You have different positive direction with the husband, so choose the house according to positive direction of the person who brings money to house. If it’s your man, then choose house #1. After this you should place the bed in YOUR positive direction.

    If the earner is you, then choose #2 and place the bed to husband’s positive direction.

    Hope this helps:)

  293. Pamela Shaw says:

    I am planning on buying a house and the address is 31, can you please tell me it this is good as I am confused. My kua number is 3 east, thanks

  294. Daisy says:

    Thank you so much :)

  295. constance says:

    am wondering what 88, 1888 and 2888 mean and thanks a million

  296. VVie says:


    i want to change my number.Could U take a look which one is better?

    019 8726483
    016 8325516


  297. Cristy says:

    As mentioned above, 58 combination is not favorable. I just bought a house with address Block 5 Lot 8 and I plan to put this like


    I have read somewhere in the internet that ending in number 8 is auspicious. Please help on what to do. Regards

  298. Anthony says:

    I am looking into buying a house. I have two options, one with a house address of 3863, and one with 3833. From what I understand, 3833 adds up to 8 so may be better, but how lucky is 3863 in comparison?

    Thanks in advance

  299. Jose Ramos says:

    Hello Zvezdochka. On October 6th I asked you to suggest a 2-digit number that would help me win constantly as a driver in car races. You kindly suggested 78. Since that number might be taken already by some other competitor, would you be able to suggest two or three 2-digits more so I can decide on which one? Thank you.

  300. rod says:

    hello Zvezdochka,
    is 4332 a good number for car plate?
    Regards & many thanks in advance!

  301. Jen says:

    Can you tell me if the address 5563 is good or not? We are looking to buy a house and this is the address #. Thanks!

  302. Jane says:

    Hi I have an address of 8414 is this consider lucky or unlucky. I was told to circle the number 4 with clear nail polish. Is this information correct. Do you think i need to continue putting clear nail polish around the number 4.