Art on the Walls from Lucy Deslandes (activating art)

Room was screaming for some art on the walls and some colour. Using the ‘Eight’ in this space brings abundance on all levels. I have had it framed with white mount and a white box frame to give it maximum impact on the white walls. 8 is so wonderfully auspicious. It is the number that is ruling this period and has always been the number symbolically representing abundance and money luck.

In this painting there are 100 birds flying in to offer many opportunities. Birds are great enhancers for the South as they bring fame and recognition. This print however, can be placed anywhere because of having all five elements present, giving it balance and having a positive influence on all sectors of the Pa Kua. The apples are smooth and there are 6 of them, adding to the symbology of this print. The 6 apples bring harmony from heaven. Adding the art to this wall gives the whole room a different, more energised and exciting feel.

This Southeast wall needed some strong wood energy. This bamboo print represents abundance, prosperity and longevity. It evokes the strength of the wood element for this sector. This wall was blank and desperately needed some colour. As the Southeast would not enjoy the fire energy of the fireplace, it was very important to introduce the green. The living potted plant adds more of the required wood element for this space. The black furniture is wonderful as it has the water element, so it produces the wood. This print has given the room a feeling of life and growth!

This vibrant orange wall is a fabulous canvas to hang a piece of art. The dining area lies in the South; using the fire element here will activate the fame and recognition sector of the Pa Kua. I love this print’s sunny energy. I call this print Orange Flowers but it could also be interpreted as little explosions of light in an evening sunset sky. Placing this print here adds more fire energy, draws the eye and enlivens this sunny breakfast nook!

I just love the simplicity of this! The dragonfly print to me symbolises … freedom! The white box frame and white mount ensures the focus is on the image. Six apples lined up represent smoothness, harmony and heaven.

This contemporary buffet is situated in the dining area of a new townhouse. The house has an abundance of white which creates a clean, slick but cold feel. Using the warmth of earth in this space gives the whole room a friendlier feel. As this is the Southwest wall, I wanted to activate the matriarch as well as the earth energy.

The woman is made of clay and the mugs ceramic, representing Earth. There are 5 mugs which is an Earth number. On the wall I have hung the Asian Mountain print, with a neutral matt board and a chocolate brown frame. This mountain painting activates the Earth in a big way and encourages support in this sector.

The Southwest is the relationship palace of the pa kua, which benefits from the strong but also soft elements in this painting. If your mountain star 8 also happens to need activating, this would be the ideal print to choose!

Change of Seasons reminds me that everything changes. This artwork developed through many layers, changing, transforming, maturing and unfolding.
It symbolises expansion and growth.

I love this orange wall to set off the Phoenix print. The orange and red fire energy of this picture suits this Southern wall activating the Fame sector of the Pakua. The phoenix lives in the South and adds its unrestricted vision to the restaurant’s wall. Framed with a white Matt board and white box frame ensures the image is the focus.

This contemporary bedroom has an inviting and peaceful feeling. On the Eastern wall I hung the ‘Peach Blossom Rabbit ’ above the bed to attract marriage luck for this Horse Lady. The chocolate brown wood frame matches furniture and adds to the wood energy of the East.

‘The Love Birds ’, ‘Finding Love ’ and ‘100 Birds ’ are in silver frames with a thin green mount. 100 birds bringing in lots of love opportunities. The other two prints also support and invite in LOVE.

This South-eastern office enjoys an abundance of wood energy. The prominent green tones and the lucky bamboo plant enhance the prosperity of the occupant. Placing the ‘Mountain ’ print on the wall, behind the chair, gives this person strength and support.

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