Aishwarya Rai Bachchan Feng Shui Specialist

Aishwarya Nagpal took to Feng Shui after doing a course in architecture.

Aishwarya Nagpal took to Feng Shui after doing a course in architecture. Today, she runs an exclusive Feng Shui outlet, Rare Earth, at Lado Sarai, a stone’s throw from Qutub in Delhi. Having trained under the renowned Feng Shui practitioner Lilian Too, she provides consultancy in Feng Shui to several socialites and businessmen. Beautiful crystals, Chinese pottery, precious stones, plants, chimes, laughing Buddhas, lampshades, wall-hangings, dragons, tortoises, designer candles, varied variety of incense sticks and powder, essential oils and many other similar interesting objects greet you as you enter Rare Earth. Most of these objects have been imported from South-East Asia and each of the displayed items has a text-leaflet attached to it, which guides you on the Feng Shui of the object in concern and the most auspicious positioning of the same.

The underlying principle of Feng Shui is to live in harmony with your environment so that the energies surrounding you work for you rather than against you,” explains Aishwarya. “It is based on the Chinese understanding of the dynamic flow of energy throughout the universe. It is the science of using the environment to influence the quality of a person’s life.”

“Our mental and physical energies are influenced by the things round us — buildings, streets, light, colours, sounds, smells and furniture arrangement,” elaborates Aishwarya. “When we create a positive place to live, we stimulate a positive reaction in ourselves. Feng Shui theories guide us in seeking out naturally-nourishing site conditions, where we can design buildings and arrange physical matter to adjust Qi to induce beneficial effects in different aspects of our lives.”

Now, what’s Qi? Everything — absolutely everything about us — is made of Qi or energy, according to Taoist thought. Qi gives us life, makes the plants grow and the rivers flow. Qi, experts say, is organised into five elements: metal, fire, water, wood and earth and these elements co-ordinate with the energies that create and sustain human life.

Sounds complex! That’s why Aishwarya has also stacked Rare Earth shelves with a good collection of authentic Feng Shui books that help the reader to learn more about Feng Shui as a `science’ and practice.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is putting Feng Shui coins in husband Abhishek’s pockets so that it brings him good luck. Not only that, but the former Miss World has re-designed Abhishek’s vanity van with all things Feng Shui. A source says. “She apparently wanted calm and peace in her life and an expert in Bandra gave her some tips.”It is a well known fact that Aishwarya is a huge follower of Feng Shui.

Of course she PRACTICE FENG SHUI, that’s not all she does. She plays with black magic to get Abhi from Rani, she plays with voodo dolls so that sushmita sen won’t get in her limelight, she plays with witches so that Jaya BAchchan will be possesed and loves her, she plays around with plastic surgeoons so as she looks beautiful now.

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