Fraud Feng Shui in Philippines

philippines house feng shui expertDo you know how Feng Shui works? How to check if your Feng Shui consultant is qualified? Feng Shui is complex and sophisticated science, that’s why it is becoming just a way of earning easy money.

4 Chinese women are to be deported from Philippines. They claimed to be Feng Shui consultants and fortune tellers. They worked in the country without a corresponding visa and work permit.

Chinese women chose Feng shui among the many opportunities to earn their living. But Why? – Just because many people thing that Feng Shui is a mysterious but potentially effective way to become lucky, wealthy, and happy. Everybody wants to live better! This exact desire was providing the aliens with a source of income.

However, the methods they used did not appear good enough for the respectable citizens. They earned around $4184, and some jewelry for the promise of luck and good fortune. The victim claims to have given it all to the “Feng Shui experts” in exchange for the perspective of becoming rich. However, after the delusion was gone, Uang Hiu Hiu decided to report the fraud to the police.

Though the case has been dismissed by the Manila court due to insufficiency of evidence, the unlucky “Feng Shui experts” are to go back home with a ban for re-entering Philippines, and having gotten their spots in the immigration blacklist.

So, be carefult when chosing Feng Shui expert. Check where they studied and ask recomendations from previous customers.

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