Top Garden Trends for 2012


This is your guide to the current garden trends! Whatever space you have, whatever budget you’ve got, there’s something for you. Learn how to embrace nature and defy gravity with the top trends for 2012!


Here’s your guide to the hottest garden trends this year!

This summer and autumn it’s all about getting back to basics and embracing nature. So get your green fingers at the ready, and prepare to launch your garden into high fashion status!


Flower by Steven Depolo

Environmentally friendly furniture

Everyone is becoming more aware of the impact they have on the environment, and these issues are starting to appear in current furniture trends.
Rattan garden furniture surged to popularity last year, and this year it continues its reign! It’s a sustainable natural material and is also recyclable.
Although rattan is available in many colours, the most popular at the moment is brown, which allows your furniture to blend in naturally with its surroundings and be a beautiful addition to your garden, not an eyesore.


Encourage wildlife

Going hand in hand with helping the environment on a large scale, comes helping our local wildlife.
Lots of people this year are turning to organic gardening. Rather than using harmful pesticides, you can plant flowers that attract insects to do the work for you!
Bird houses and bird tables are also experiencing a surge in popularity.
Another current trend towards is to reduce the size of the lawn, and increase the size of the flowerbeds; very beneficial to local wildlife!
With bee numbers reportedly dropping, gardeners are also choosing to plant lots of appealing flowers – and if you’re up for the challenge you could even add some bee-houses too and start making your own organic honey!

Image by Adam Sparks

Grow your own

As well as being more concerned about where we import our furniture from, we are also becoming increasingly aware of ‘food miles’ and the benefits of producing food locally.
But this year growing food isn’t just confined to the allotment; creative vegetable gardens are another current trend. Explore inventive ways to plant fruit and vegetables, so that they are attractive as well as functional!
Chicken coops are also springing up everywhere, as lots of people choose to produce their own eggs. You can transform your garden into a miniature farm!
Another growing issue is water usage, with more people choosing to put measures in place to collect rainwater so consider installing an irrigation system – your plants will thank you for it.


Urban gardening

This year you don’t even need a garden to be a gardener!
Urban gardening is a big trend at the moment, and it’s possible to transform just about anywhere; a window ledge, a balcony, vertically on a wall – anything goes!
Vertical gardening is particularly popular this year, with people choosing to grow vertically where there’s little horizontal space. GroVert’s gardening systems have revolutionised this idea – you can create an entire garden on your walls, which has got to be an eye-catching feature for your lounge!
Terrariums are also very popular, doubling as art pieces, and you can even buy a terrarium necklace and grow a little piece of moss around your neck.
But if you like practical plants, rather than pretty flowers, consider growing herbs on your windowsill or balcony. It’s simple, and your dinners will taste extra delicious.


Image by Horia Varlan

Bring The Indoors Out

One of the big design trends this year is to bring your individual style out from the house and into the garden.
If you like to make a statement with your garden, then try wallpapering exterior walls and creating fabric walls for a festival vibe. Remember to use water-proof coatings though to extend the life of any soft fabrics outside.
However, if you just want a subtle indication of your style, then try adding patterned cushions to the seats outside, or buy a fire pit and create a living room in your garden!

So there you have it, your rundown of the hottest trends of the year so far!
But which ones will you be introducing, or is your garden already bang on trend?

Estelle Page is a green fingered blogger for Out There Interiors, an online retailer that sells high quality and super unique garden furniture.

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