Simple But Striking Interior Design

Bio: Estelle Page is an interior designer who is trying to encourage people to make the most of their garden throughout all four seasons.

Description: If you take pride in your home, it’s important not to forget the garden. Turn your outside space into something beautiful with these effective tips.

Simple But Striking Interior Design For Your Outside Space

Image by Winston Furniture

I firmly believe that your garden doesn’t have to be a place that you discover again each year when the sun shows itself. Your outside space can be beautiful and usable the whole year round with some thought – taking interior design lessons and unleashing them outside.

Elegant Outdoor Dining


Eating outside doesn’t have to mean sitting on a white plastic garden set, which you still haven’t managed to get rid of. Instead, it can be a stunning permanent solution that makes al fresco entertaining – in spring, summer or winter – a pleasure.

If you are looking for somewhere warm when the sun goes down, but also an escape from the midday heat, there are a number of options – depending on your style. A canvas tent with a sturdy wooden base can house a well-dressed dining table, or is perfect for picnics and a weekend martini. Its exotic feel also looks amazing with the right lighting.

A gazebo, as more solid structure, with a central chiminea makes a great autumn retreat.

Pick A Colour

My favourite design tip when working with living spaces in the garden is to take a signature colour from the interior and bring it outside. This is such a simple yet effective trick that makes your whole house flow naturally from the inside out.

My advice is to do it with a light touch. I love the combination of neutral colours with a more striking dash of colour from the kitchen or dining room. If you open out the back walls of your house with some doors that fold and slide completely back it’ll feel like you’ve extended your house without as much expense or mess as a complete extension.

Cast Some Light

Many people forget the nightlife of their outside space – driving parties indoors when they would be much more atmospheric outdoors. Lighting can give your garden a touch of instant glamour. Highlight paths to guide visitors around your garden, and hide uplights in the flower beds to give your colourful blooms a dramatic feel.

Don’t dismiss fairy lights out of hand. Now distinctly less fairy than they used to be, they come in all shapes and sizes with some really great high-quality examples. Drape strings of large bulbs over outside structures for a more rustic feel that is perfect for summer parties.


For The Ultimate Luxury

If your garden has the space, then you can bring holiday living to your garden, whatever the weather. A swim in the morning is the ultimate luxury but isn’t as appealing when it’s full of leaves or the temperature would freeze your thoughts.

A pool enclosure doesn’t have to dominate your garden but can blend in with the style of your house and make for a stunning outside appearance. Add some tropical plants that will thrive in the warm environment and you have an exotic retreat that will be the envy of your friends.

Dedicating as much thought to the design of your garden as the interior will mean that your house feels like it flows naturally into a stunning and usable outside space for the whole year round.


Have you transformed your outside space? Share your ideas in the comments.


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