How to Maximise Your Log Cabin’s Space


As great as it is to have a little hideaway right in your garden, you should probably resist the temptation to kit out your log cabin without first taking stock of the available space and being realistic about what you can and can’t do. However, just because you can’t fit a pool table and a bunch of gaming consoles in there doesn’t mean you have no space to do anything fun. Whatever your intended purpose, there are plenty of basic tips you can follow to make the most of your log cabin’s space.

Image by Magpie372

Have an Efficient Storage System

As long as you’re not planning on cramming your log cabin full of stuff, the storage system you use should be minimal but efficient. Take advantage of higher space and put up shelves closer to the ceiling, which is doubly handy if you want to put up some storage hooks instead of putting in more shelves or cabinets.

Where possible, go for open-ended shelves – they give the illusion of more space instead of making the walls look cramped. If you want to put a coffee table in there, opt for one that can double as a storage unit, with drawers or containers underneath.

Opt for Lighter Colours

Nothing will make your log cabin look more like an inverse TARDIS (smaller on the inside) than dark furniture or decorations. If you’ve got darker furniture and are reluctant to replace it, brightening it up can be as simple as a lick of paint or a cheerily coloured cover thrown over the top, with some vibrant cushions for good measure. Add in some bright curtains and perhaps a vase of flowers and you’re good to go.

Have Lots of Light

When choosing the precise location of garden log cabins, it’s important to pick a spot where the available windows will let in lots of light during the day. Otherwise, things could get a little depressing in there – not to mention expensive and energy-wasting if you’ve got to keep your cabin’s lights on all the time. Besides, nothing makes a space feel more open than lots of natural sunshine spilling in through the window.


Use the Exterior Space

Some log cabin designs come with a wraparound porch, and it would be a shame to let that space go unused. Put some chairs out there and enjoy the summer in the company of your friends and some cool drinks, while still appreciating the shade offered by the overhanging roof. Then retreat inside when the sun gets a bit too much. Your log cabin will definitely feel bigger for it!

Keep Things Tidy

Even if you’ve got the biggest available log cabin and follow all the above tips, your space will still feel tiny if you step through the door and all you can see is a mess. Used plates and glasses, assorted books and magazines and DVDs, cushions all over the place – all of it will detract from any other efforts you make to open up the space and make it feel bigger. So make use of your new storage system and put things away.

Do you have a log cabin? What tips and tricks do you use to open up the space? Share your advice in the comments!
Estelle Page can often be found in her garden, working out the best ways to make it – and everything in it – look prettier. She shares her ideas by blogging for Dunster House.

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