16 Easy Patio Design Ideas you will like

The post is devoted to new house owners and to those who want to refresh their old patios and create patios that they truly like.

Our patios should be comfortable and relaxing space that is so valuable today, but not all our outdoor designs are filled with such atmosphere.

So I decided to summarize all details that I think we should have in the ideal relaxing space.


Chair for reading

Ok, I am not really sure when do you rest here, but reading in the sunny day near your house is a dream for some people. So I think that cozy chair or a sofa full of pillows is a must have for such place.

Pros. You will always have the space for reading, writing a diary or planning your gorgeous life.

Cons. You should think about the coverage for your patio chair during rainy days.

Cheap Patio Idea or place to put the BBQ grill on top of

Cheap Patio Idea or place to put the BBQ grill on top of


Pillows for super comfort

I adore pillows. I know men can say that it’s too girlish to have a lot of pillows on the bed or sofa. But they can’t deny that pillows are really cool to have. They soften the look of any interior. They also add the sense of sensitiveness that kindly changes our mood. We can be tired after the work but when fall on those pillows and look into the sky – it’s worth tons of money.


Lamps for evenings

What do you usually do in the evenings? Watching TV shows, playing games, cooking, reading are most popular doings. All these deals can be done outdoors. You can watch your favorite shows on your laptop or tablet. Games are usually also available on these devices. Cooking can also be partly done sitting outside the house, like cutting vegetables or waiting while dishes are cooking.

So the lamp is a very useful item if you want to change your evening rest. I would buy a small table lamp or something big like outdoor lamps if have enough budget for such decoration

Glowing Patio Vases

Glowing Patio Vases

Garden lighting cheap patio idea

Garden lighting cheap patio idea



Patio table for small stuff

If you are just starting creating your patio, then small table would be enough. You can place your home lamp (if you didn’t have the time to buy the new one) and books for comfortable reading. Oh, and of  course a cup of tea and a piece of cake:)

This small outdoor table will also be nice for morning coffees. But it can also be a perfect dining table for a couple. Some bistro sets are very cute. I like French style, when the chairs are made of iron. They look beautiful. Modern sets are very popular, but to tell the truth they don’t give me any feelings. French and vintage styles give more feelings.


Hammock for daydreaming

These hammock movements calm me down. If you have the place to hang it, then do it! They are associated with sun, sea and silent life. Do you feel you need it now?! Some of them are so wide that two people can easily lay there.


Porch swings for chatting

I guess porch swings are inviting for chatting. They move slowly, like helping you to meditate and forget daily must-does.  If the porch is long enough to lay there then you can forget about hammock. Moreover it has a roof instead of umbrella, so if you don’t want to sunbathe then this is a must-have item for your patio.


Patio umbrellas – no thoughts about rain or sunburn

If you live in the area with no rainy weather and you use patio for the evenings, then skip this tip. But usually outdoor umbrella is needed a lot. Choose cold colors that will give the cool shade. Red and orange umbrellas give visual warmth and sometimes it is not needed.

Outdoor chaise lounges for nice suntan

10minutes in the morning will inspire you for the whole day. Just don’t forget to turn on the alarm, so that you don’t miss your job or work:) Cushions are also needed here if you don’t want to massage yourself after the chaise’s traces.

Storage benches

Carrying away all textiles and reading back home will take time daily. It’s easier to drop all this stuff to the storage box or bench. You can also use this storage as a table. Just make sure the top is strong enough.

Backyard table

Backyard table


Outdoor shower for pool owners

It’s such a cool thing to take the shower outdoors. I would have it outdoors even without the pool.  I would take the shower outdoors, just for fun. But you should be definite that neighbors won’t spy on you. You shouldn’t care about this tip if you like when somebody watches you. You are like the superstar, right?

Bird instead of music from iPhone

Singing birds in your yard is so romantic and 100% natural. Give them the place for fun. You can add bird baths or feeder to your patio. Bird house will be an incredibly friendly accent in your house. You drink tea with friends and birds chat near you. That would be so sweat. I saw even cottages created for birds. It’s up to you, but I guess I would buy a house for the birds on mu balcony this week.

Garden fountains for spa sense

Oh my, it’s already the 12th product I wrote to consider while buying items to create your beautiful patio. A big list, but step-by-step plan will lead you to dream exterior.

Let’s get back to fountains. I usually notice garden fountains in spa centers, restaurants or hotels. And we like to visit such places because they are so calm and inviting. Flowing water is like a small waterfall and it’s in your yard.

Use rocks to separate the grass from the deck

Use rocks to separate the grass from the deck

Garden statues for stylish look

Suppose you don’t have statues and the patio can look good, but imagine you have angel statues or Egyptian cat or Gnomes then the mood will be completely different. Choose your style and add it for inspiration.

I would add Buddha or Roman Goddess.

Privacy screen

It is not always used to hide from somebody but it can also be used to make the private space. In small rooms we feel more privacy than in the large hall or a living room. So privacy screen will be an additional paper between you and a real life.

Get warmer with fire pit

One more piece of nature inside your yard. You already have a fountain, a bird cottage and now a fire pit. Of course, it is easy to have a patio heater but it won’t have an impressive natural fire.

Grills/BBQ for all

No comments here:) You just have it or need to buy it/renew.

Conclusion. Patio is a special dreamy place. You need to take care to make it a peaceful and warm.


Be inspired!



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