8 Patio Design Ideas

The summer is going to us and patio design ideas would help us to meet it in joy.

People from Austria and India can call patio as veranda or balcony.

To tell the truth, Ukraine also uses the word veranda for outdoor gardens near the house.

Quiet and small yard is the style of patio Persian and Iran countries like.

Outdoor patio furnishings

For comfortable patio design you’ll need to look for outdoor furnishings.

Choose the style you like.

For example, I adore romantic and modern styles in interior and exterior.

DIY Pallet

DIY Pallet

Beautiful patio near the house

Garden near the house, patio

Any patio store can suggest numerous styles, designs and discounts you just need to find the nearest and best store in your location.

Landscape lightning for patios

Do you like small lights on the grass or would you prefect big lamps?

Both ideas would look gorgeous and comfortable in your outdoor garden.

Outdoor fireplaces or radio heaters

Why not candles? Why would you like to have the outdoor fireplace?

For comfortable patio you would need to have warm and soft atmosphere.

Fireplace is the best idea for outdoors.

Awesome firepit

Awesome fire pit

Garden table in the personal patio

Outdoor furnishes, patio table, chairs


Usually we don’t have water in the garden. Why not?

And why do we like beaches so much?

Water! It’s extremely powerful.

You feel fresh after the shower, you feel calm when you watch the fish swimming in the aquarium.

Fountains in the garden will add the relaxing atmosphere to your outdoor exterior.

Aquarium with fish

Outdoor big aquarium


Sun, trees, fountain, book and a cup of coffee/tea.

It’s a dream for most of the people and I am one of them.

Some people don’t even have time to dream.

And if you have the opportunity to have the patio of a dream – please make it real.

Add style to a small outdoor space

Add style to a small outdoor space

Lovely outdoor area

Lovely outdoor area

Bird feeders

You are almost done creating the small world near your house.

The last thing you need to do is bird feeders.

Sounds of the nature is the most valuable melody of the everyday life.

And it doesn’t matter that a lot of people live in cities.

pallet sofa

pallet sofa

They still can go to the park and listen to birds singing.

I am lucky to have the doves singing on my balcony.

Hope your dreams come true:)

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  1. Do you have the “how to directions” to make the outdoor aquarium?

  2. Unfortunately, I don’t have them.


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